How To Recalibrate Your Spiritual Energy & Balance Your Chakras (In 9 Guided Steps)

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how to improve your health by tapping into your spiritual energy

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You used to wake up feeling refreshed, but now wish you could sleep for another day (or two)?

  • You feel minor aches and pains that are becoming more bothersome.

  • You're dealing with constant fatigue and burnout.

  • You are trying to remember the last time you didn’t feel so stressed out?

  • You avoid certain people because they drain you.

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Over time, stress can take a toll on your emotional and physical well-being. Constantly running on adrenaline can greatly wear the body down. We all know this, but what can we do about it?

Beyond diet, exercise and lifestyle changes, there are ways that you can actively manage your own spiritual energy and greatly enhance your sense of well-being. We can sometimes think that our energy is at the mercy of associating with others (often called “energy vampires”).

Instead, by using some simple practices, you can proactively build, deepen and manage your own energetic field. The benefits are not only feeling calmer and relaxed, but it can also help increase mental clarity and positively impact your health and well-being.

By developing a daily practice of proactively managing your energy in the moment, you can more effectively deal with stress, challenging relationships, and occasional bouts of low energy.

This simple energy calibration trick can help you balance your chakras — wheels of energy that look like cones pointing into our bodies. We will use visualization to work with the seven most common chakras.

As a daily routine, spend 15-20 minutes practicing this simple routine. Allow yourself time to enjoy and take in this positive balancing energy. 

Here's how you can overcome stress, lack of energy, or help yourself feel calmer and more focused by balancing your chakras and recalibrating your spiritual energy:

1. Imagine a bubble all around you.

We have an energetic field all around us, all the time. This is a healthy boundary that we hold, and when others move into our field, it may not be noticed but we energetically react.

Spend a few minutes feeling this bubble for yourself. Does it feel expansive, or perhaps contracted? When we are relaxed and focused, it will naturally be more expansive.

2. Ground yourself.

Bring your attention to the bottom of your feet and even shuffle your feet a bit, create some friction. Imagine that you fill your bubble with a bright red color and let it infuse your whole self.

3. Open and balance the crown chakra.

At the very top of your head is the crown chakra. As you bring your attention here, you might start to feel a tingling sensation. Imagine that this chakra/cone is spinning clockwise if you were to look down on your body, with the tip inside your head.

Fill your bubble with white light and allow yourself to feel this light all the way through your body. Take your time and enjoy this delicious sensation.

4. Open and balance your third eye in your forehead.

The third eye is located between the eyebrows and associated with the color of deep blue or indigo. This cone spins in a clockwise direction if you were to look at your forehead. Imagine the tip is inside your head. This chakra opens the gift of sight – to see energy around others and objects, or to see images inside your mind’s eye. Relax your forehead and your eyes – look at the world with “soft eyes”.

Fill your bubble with the color of this deep blue indigo, allow it to permeate all of you.

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5. Open and balance your throat chakra.

The color associated with the throat is a teal blue color. This not only helps you to confidently speak about your own needs and it also deepens our ability to listen to others.  

6. Bridge your energy from the crown to the heart.

Imagine a beam of light coming down from the crown into your heart. Imagine your heart chakra opening, and blossoming. Feel the expansion in your chest area. This is the feeling of deep and unconditional love.

The color here is a bright green. Let this fill your bubble and enjoy the feeling of expansion.

7. Open and balance your solar plexus chakra.

The solar plexus is right under where your ribs join, under the heart. The color of this chakra is a bright yellow. This chakra is associated with our own individuation, the gift of our unique personality in this lifetime. Imagine this chakra spinning and balancing with perfection. This is the seat of your own personal power.

Fill your bubble with this bright yellow energy. Enjoy the feeling of your own self, deepening your own self confidence and gifts and talents that you have to offer.

8. Open and balance your sacral chakra.

This chakra is located below the belly button, even with your hips. The color associated with this chakra is a bright orange. This is the seat of our creativity and sexual energy. You can also sense the emotions of others through this chakra.

Fill your bubble with this vibrant orange. Feel the energy of your own imagination and the desire to create.

9. Bridge the energy from the crown to the heart and down into your legs and into the Earth.

Imagine the beam of light coming from your crown chakra, through your heart, your body and now continue to travel deep into the core of the Earth. You have created a solid core through your entire body and through your entire energetic field. Breathe deeply and allow yourself to feel this energy field. You may feel some tingling throughout your body, feel relaxed and energized at the same time.

As you go through these steps, you may notice that one step is a bit more challenging. On that day, you might want to surround yourself with that color – the clothes you wear, eat some foods in that color (oranges, eggplant, bananas, kale, etc.). Some use paint color samples or use objects in their workspace or living space to bring more of that vibration in.

All of these things will help to you deepen and strengthen your energetic field. On those days when you are feeling stressed or encountering difficult people, you can take charge and positively impact your own spiritual energy. This can help you reduce stress, increase mental clarity and enhance your own well-being and health. Your body, your loved ones and your mind will thank you!

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Marijo Puleo is a somatic coach trained in energy field work who helps clients achieve emotional awareness and further their spiritual development, so they can live their lives with flow, grace and ease. Learn more by reading her book, How To Choose An Energy Healer: What To Look For In An Energy Practitioner, or by downloading her free podcasts that are loved by 2 million listeners.

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