People Say These 'Divine' Quantum Codes Can Help You Heal Almost Anything

Shift your energy to heal the pain.

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Quantum healing is a form of energy healing that uses specific sequences of numbers believed to heal your mind and body on a quantum level.

Viral TikToks have revealed sequences, called quantum healing codes, that when repeated, are said to increase confidence, release low self-esteem, and strengthen focus and mental clarity among other things.

What are quantum healing codes?

These codes are based on a sequence of numbers known as the Fibonacci numbers, a series of numbers that appears naturally in nature in everything from sea life and flowers down to your own DNA.


The codes were first published by Marc Gamma and Isabel Henn who claim they “'come through' from Divine Mother, Archangel Raphael, and Source.

According to a 2017 study, quantum healing theoretically works because all matter, including the body, is made out of energy. It’s believed that it’s possible to use this energy to heal the body “at spiritual level by producing endorphins” with “positive thoughts with genuine intention.”



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How to use divine quantum healing codes

There are three ways to use the healing codes to balance your energy.

1. Write the code that corresponds to your pain on the body part that is in need of healing.

2. Write the code in the air over the body part that needs healing.

3. Type the number into your phone and hold it over the body part that feels pain.

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There are divine healing codes for just about every ailment you can think of.

From physical issues to emotional and mental health illnesses, if you can name it, there’s likely a quantum healing code for it.

  • To heal headaches: 23 74 555
  • To heal migraines: 58 33 554
  • To assist with breaking bad habits: 456 923 8484 79256
  • For Generalized Anxiety Disorder: 25 36 933
  • For support with grief and loss: 116 116 1998
  • For panic attacks: 72 84 555
  • For low self-esteem: 11 96 888
  • For depression: 29 63 586
  • To increase motivation: 51 56 886
  • To soothe an aching heart: 58 963 8114
  • For confidence: 45 32 246

It’s extremely important to note that these codes are thought of as alternative medicine and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. You should always be open with your doctor about your symptoms and discuss treatment.

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