10 Ways Your Cat Is Better Than A Boyfriend


Fluffy cuteness vs. sweaty video game junkie. Your BF just can't compete.

Calling the cat ladies of the world! National Cat Day is right around the corner, coming up on Oct. 29. Now is the time to stock up on catnip and yarn, as you prepare for the purrfect celebration of your feline friend.

If your human pals start questioning your sanity, you just have to point out the last time they threw a party for their SO. After all, a cat (particularly yours) is far better than a boyfriend — here are just 10 reasons why.

  1. Your Cat Understands The Importance Of Sleep: While a boyfriend may stay up into the wee hours of the night because he's playing video games or loves to go out with the guys, your kitty knows you can't sustain life by keeping those kinds of hours. They would be more than happy to join you in bed for a cat nap.
  2. Your Cat Is Low Maintenance: Fluffy probably only requires food, water and a scratching post to feel like he's on top of the world. Compare this to a boyfriend who is not only substantially more expensive to care for, but he also is more likely to ask for something else. You won't have to shell out for a new TV on your cat's birthday.
  3. Your Cat Makes You Feel Less Stressed: A boyfriend is typically a major stress in your life. With relationships come fights and disagreements, and his voice may begin to grate on you. As for your kitty, studies have shown that his purr can actually lower your blood pressure and reduce stress — that's definitely "prefurred."
  4. Your Cat Is A Good Communicator: Your feline friend will implement different behaviors to "talk" to you and get their message across, whether it involves meowing loudly or playfully nibbling at you. A boyfriend, on the other hand, may always answer with "Fine" and flake out on texting you that he got to his intended destination.
  5. Your Cat Is Clean: It's not uncommon for a boyfriend to come back from a sweaty workout, lounge on the couch for a bit and ultimately decide to skip the shower. A cat would never do such a thing. They keep themselves and their areas impeccably clean, ensuring you never have to complain about their BO.
  6. Your Cat Is Independent: You don't have to worry about hurting Mr. Whiskers's feelings when you want some alone time. He'll go off and do his own thing, adjusting to your needs. With a boyfriend, you both are more dependent, and you have to figure out how not to hurt his feelings when you want to be by yourself.
  7. Your Cat Is Warm: Are you tired of having icy cold feet pressed against you as you try to snuggle into bed? Because that's what boyfriends are known for. Cats, however, are characterized by their fur and warmth. Your kitty makes a much better cuddle partner than a boyfriend — he won't even hog the sheets!
  8. Your Cat Is Funny: Your furball is going to entertain you every day, keeping you giggling as you watch him chase a laser around the room or try to eat some human food. A boyfriend, however, will often tell offensive jokes and expect you to laugh. You'll only do it to keep yourself from crying. Furrier means funnier.
  9. Your Cat Is Trainable: As we all know, there is no "fixing" a man. A boyfriend comes with all of the idiosyncrasies he's picked up along the way. Your cat is more moldable, and you can train him to open doors, not to claw the carpet and even to use the toilet correctly — which is sometimes more than can be said for a boyfriend.
  10. Your Cat Is Affectionate: Your kitty loves to rub his head against you, curl up in your lap and spend some time cuddling. A boyfriend is so concerned with having sex that he can forget about the other ways you like to be touched. And if the stereotype has any validity to it, it's almost impossible to get him to snuggle.

So if you're ready for National Cat Day, share this with your other feline-loving females!