The 10 Most Common Imperfections (And Their Hidden Attributes)

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10 Attributes Hiding Behind Your Imperfections
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Those knee jerk reactions? They're hiding something really great about you.


We pull them out of our toolbox quicker than a cowboy drawing a pistol. They are hard-wired and at the ready, waiting for an opportunity to be put on display.

While these imperfections often protect us, aid us, and give us bravado, they also, unfortunately, undermine who we are at our core and who we’re meant to be in the world.

Underneath each imperfection is an attribute waiting to be discovered. Your knee-jerk reaction is an impulse that, with time and practice, could become an old behavior. It all starts with a decision to try a contrary action.

It will not feel comfortable. It will be hard. But the benefits far outweigh the discomfort of change.

Making a decision, taking action, and being committed and mindful to the change will create new behavior. And when you create a new behavior, your thoughts will follow and so will the interactions in your life.

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Not only will your view the world transform, but so will your view of yourself. What was once a knee-jerk reaction will soon feel as uncomfortable and constricting as a pair of jeans that are too tight.

Here are the most common imperfections and their hidden attributes:

  1. Anger/Self-Control, Peace
  2. Sarcasm/Uncritical, Respectful
  3. Critical/Non-Judgmental, Praising, Tolerant
  4. Lying/Honest
  5. Self Pity/Grateful, Accepting
  6. Perfectionist/Realistic Expectations
  7. Gossip/Closed-Mouth, Kind, Praise
  8. Pessimistic/Optimistic, Hopeful
  9. Withdrawn/Warm
  10. Fearful/Courageous

This week, identify the top three imperfections that you struggle with and focus on the corresponding attributes. If you need help identifying what the attribute would be, look the imperfection up in the dictionary and find its antonym.

Write each attribute on an individual sticky note or piece of paper and choose one to focus on each day. Carry it in your pocket, post it on your computer or mirror, and set the intention to actively choose the attribute over the imperfection.

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If you find yourself doing your knee-jerk behavior, you can stop mid-way and apply the attribute.

That knee-jerk behavior — the imperfection that likes to rear its ugly head — is an opportunity to practice the pause. The pause is a tool that allows us to take a breath and dig deeper into what we’re experiencing and respond thoughtfully rather than react aggressively.

With a bit of persistence and a willingness to change, you will find that soon enough your knee-jerk reaction will not be the first tool that you reach for. Instead, you’ll pause, dig deep, and look for those beautiful attributes hiding there.

Gretchen Hydo is a certified professional coach, keynote speaker, nationally syndicated advice columnist, and thought leader. If you’d like help jumpstarting your journey toward uncovering your attributes, schedule your complimentary 30-minute phone session with her! Meanwhile, don’t forget to join Shine On Purpose, a Facebook community of encouraging, supportive people working toward their goals!

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