Seven Ways to Be a Better Kisser


When is a kiss just not a kiss? When it's not done right. Follow these tips and kiss like a pro.

The old saying is you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find you Prince Charming (or princess). Lots of kissing sounds like fun but the analogy to a frog is for a reason, not everyone kisses well and who wants to kiss a lot of slimy frogs? Like everything else in life we all have our unique way of doing something including things we consider a standard technique.

Many consider kissing a universal language but it is not all the same. If done right kissing has great rewards and if performed inadequately it has severe consequences. You could scare off or turn off that special someone you are really into. According to an article, “What Men and Women Want in a Kiss”, women are half as likely to have sex with a man if he kisses badly.

Albeit the measure of success depends on the recipient but there are some generic rules that work for most situations and here they are:

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  • Cleanliness is next to godliness. A fresh breath, nice teeth and general well grooming can initiate the spark to get that first kiss going and keep them coming back for more.
  • Start closed mouth. Unless you are a guppy fish, your mouth should be closed at the initiation and go from there.
  • Move gently into the mouth.  This is important at first unless you are both bubbling with unbridled passion. Driving your entire tongue down somebody’s throat that isn’t ready for it will cause them to run like the wind.
  • Set the rhythm.  If you are getting ahead, slow down and wait for the partner to get in sync. Kissing is all about working together!
  • Gentle caresses work best. Touch softly on the face, ears and safe zones and I don’t mean “Roman Hands and Russian Fingers” unless you feel you are at that comfort level.
  • Save the slobber for Fido.  It amazes me that I have to say this but for any “Sex in The City” fans we can all envision Charlotte’s disgust with her slobbering date. If you need a towel after a kiss it isn’t that good!!!
  • Not too tense or too gentle.  Both situations will send signs of lack of interest. Loosen up but don’t make it too gentle that your partner can’t sense your passion.

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