Let Pinterest Take The Guesswork Out Of Holiday Gifting

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Are you dating a bad gifter? Help him out with Pinterest!

The act of gift giving creates such stress and heartbreak in relationships. In today's living-out-loud society, it seems that it would be somewhat easier to buy a present for the special person in your life. People tend to speak very openly about their likes and tastes on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

One way to avoid the dreaded gift-giving peril is to create a wish list or wish board on Pinterest and send your significant other the link. This board can be curated over a weekend or throughout the year. By creating a visual board of things you like, it gives the other person the opportunity to have a range of ideas to choose from for Christmas, birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.

On your board, offer a variety of items. If there's a must-have item that you want for your kitchen, add it. If there is a piece of jewelry you are lusting after, add it. Want to go see the latest show on Broadway? Put it on your board. Pin experiences, things or places that you would like to have. Choose different price ranges, be realistic but also dream big. It's a wish board and there's nothing wrong with wishing. 

The unnecessary pressure that is put upon people to buy the right gift can create a great deal of heartbreak. If you are disappointed in what you were given, you may see the gift as a reflection of your relationship, which is not always entirely true. Some people are not good gift givers. It's as simple as that.

When you are getting married or having a baby, it is customary to create a registry so people buy exactly what it is that you want. Don't treat birthdays, anniversaries or holidays any differently. Use Pinterest as your online registry. Select gifts that you want or would love. You may pin 1,000 images and only receive four but wouldn't you rather have four that you want versus gifts that will end up in the next yard sale?

Gift giving shouldn't be any indicator of one's love for another. It truly should be the thought that counts. However, since thoughts can't be wrapped, make it easier on your "plus one" and leave a trail of breadcrumbs to the presents that you want most.

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