Forget About The Law Of Attraction!

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Does the Law of attraction not work for you? Are things just getting worse? Well no wonder...

5 years ago..

When I first heard about the law of attraction, whatever your mind can conceive you can achieve, I thought you can attract anything you want into your life, just by repeating a word several times  affirmations  or imagining you already have your goal  visualization  even listening to several audio clips or "subliminal" recordings.

I said, "wow.. this is super cool!"  The thing is, I have tried them all, I have tried every single one of them, and more than that actually, but nothing happened...

Actually ... things got worse!

So I continued to research, I said to myself, "I am sure I did something wrong, those ELITE teachers can't just be wrong, right?"

I did A LOT of digging, learned several other "techniques" and tried applying them ... and still NOTHING!

I got really frustrated ... what is it ... something has to be wrong ...

and then it clicked for me ... which is, nothing will work, until you clean out the "refinery." 

yes, you have to clean the filters first, the filters the "energy" you are trying to attract comes through.

... and once I did that, in less than minutes, the problem I applied it on  a problem with my autoresponder company  got fixed!

I said, "no no, it has to be a coincidence...," but I did it again on a problem I had with my father, a very complicated one that looked just impossible to fix unless by a miracle ...

... and at the end of the day, my father called me, and talked to be about the same problem. He didn't just tell me that he is ok, he even decided to help me with other things related to the problem!

Then, and only then, I knew what I stumbled upon, and that I have found my self the real "thing."

From this time, I have been known in my Arab region as a law of attraction coach, and Energy healer... if you know some one who speaks and types Arabic ask him to type my name "Faisal Abdelwahed" in Google, just to make sure I am not lying...

all because of this..

because of what ?

We will talk on that  in detail  next time ...