5 Super Easy Ideas to Spice Up the Romance

5 Super Easy Ideas to Spice Up the Romance

These days between jobs, kids and the drama of everyday life, romance tends to get lost in the shuffle. Many couples say “It’s just too much work”, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Some of the most romantic ideas are short and sweet.

To prove it, here’s a list of 5 romantic things that only take a few minutes to prepare but will leave a lasting impression with your lover!

1. Origami Love

Express your feelings in a unique way by writing your spouse or significant other a love letter on an origami flower. Buy a few sheets of pink or yellow paper from a local copy shop and get started with these easy directions. It only takes a few minutes of folding to create a love letter that they will never forget.

2. Steamy Message

Tomorrow morning, while your spouse is in the shower, draw a big heart on the mirror with your initials (i.e. J + B) in the middle, or write a little note like “Beth is cute”. They’ll love it.


3. Music of Your Lives

Take a musical journey through your lives by listening to the #1 song on your birthdays for every year you’ve been alive. See what your parents were rocking out to when you were in the cradle and laugh about the first songs you remember hearing. This is a great way to share childhood memories and funny stories. Start by pulling up this page at Wikipedia to find the top songs and then go to grooveshark and listen for free!

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