How Plastic Surgery Can Improve Your Sex Life — Really!

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How Plastic Surgery Can Improve Your Sex Life

When we look good, we feel good.

There is no denying that plastic surgery and sexuality are often interconnected. More than anything, at a primal level, a lot of the initiative behind many of the procedures that are standard practice today came from a very honest and very human need to appear more attractive to the opposite sex.

The Aesthetic Surgery Journal released a study in 2006 that explored the sex lives of 70 women who had plastic surgery. At the time, the report had made national headlines since it provided experts with the first in-depth study of how plastic surgery affects the sexual health of many patients. 

The study found that 95 percent of patients had an improved body image following plastic surgery, with women who had undergone breast augmentation reporting to have the highest percentage of sexual satisfaction.

Meanwhile, 81 percent of the women who responded to the study believed that their increase in satisfactory levels was due to their new breasts. The study also found that almost 68 percent of body contouring patients, likewise, reported an improvement, along with 32 percent of respondents who had undergone facial surgery.


The study was later followed in 2013 when a team of Brazilian researchers found that women experience a significant boost in arousal and sexual satisfaction following breast augmentation surgery.

The study involved a questionnaire given to 45 breast augmentation patients that determined four key areas of sexuality:

  1. Sexual desire
  2. Arousal
  3. Vaginal atrophy
  4. Sexual satisfaction

In comparison to their preoperative values, 36 respondents reported a remarkable increase in arousal and sexual satisfaction. However, it is worth noting that that the remaining 9 respondents in the study did not experience an increase due to the presence of post-operative stretch marks.

These studies are incredibly valuable to experts in the community because they clearly show the correlation between plastic surgery and personal and sexual satisfaction, which provides us veritable insight towards the mindset and overall goals of our patients. 

There are a number of reasons why people opt for plastic surgery. For some, it’s a means to reverse signs of aging. For others, it’s a way to fix aesthetic irregularities that come from either weight loss or childbirth. Some do it for a very basic and honest need to improve an area of the body they may deem unsatisfactory.

But regardless of the reasons, there is no denying that plastic surgery has done tremendous good in restoring people’s faith and self-esteem in regards to their own bodies, and in many cases, themselves.

Simply put: when we look good, we feel good.


However, even in light of the evidence that shows the positive impact plastic surgery has on the sex lives of many patients, it is worth remembering that plastic surgery is not a means to an end.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, it is my duty to ensure that the needs of my patients are met with attainable and realistic goals.

Beauty is most certainly in the eye of the beholder and often lies in places far beyond the skin. Outlook and attitude go a long way in dictating what’s arousing and what isn’t.

As a plastic surgeon, it’s my role to take those inner qualities and bring them out for the whole world to see.