My Life Changed The Minute I Became True To Myself


Attract harmonious relationships and create your best life possible

If I had to choose just one thing to share that I knew would help others create their very best life possible, it would be the powerful choice to discover and be your true authentic self.

It seems that the moment we are born, we are taught how to be like everyone else around us. We are shaped and formed by the beliefs, perspectives, habits, and experiences of others. This influences how we love and relate to ourselves, everyone and everything else we encounter in our lives including every romantic relationship, friendship, job, our family life, and so on. Although this is changing more and more as people continue to evolve to a more consciously awakened state, we are almost never taught what it means to be our true authentic self.

Several years ago, I made the choice to start making changes in my life and taking steps to create my own best life possible. I became very mindful of the fact that it was completely my responsibility to be authentic about what I really wanted. To truly know what you really want, requires you to know who you truly are. For most of us, myself included, that would mean taking a deep personal inventory of every aspect of myself, shedding anything that wasn’t actually mine, and bringing to light all that is authentically me.

I thought this journey of self discovery might prove to be a difficult task, but I soon found that it was an endeavor of pure joy. I did small things like going to see the kind of movies I liked. I started listening to my own body’s feedback on what was best for me and what wasn’t. I hung out more with friends and associates who lifted me up and simply avoided people who sapped my energy.

I revisited nearly every single belief, pattern, perspective and habit to examine if each was really true for me or not. This included some very deeply rooted beliefs about myself, life, and others. It included many fears that I absorbed like a sponge over the course of my lifetime but could no longer hold inside me. I was done with anything that wasn’t my own truth, my own energy and my own vibration.

Once I began letting go of those parts of myself and my life which no longer served me, I could sense and feel my own vibration stronger and stronger. This was the most amazing experience. I saw the universal Law of Attraction operating with great clarity. I began attracting people, situations and circumstances into my life which were in harmony with my own vibration. I witnessed stress, disharmony and dysfunction simply disappearing from my life more and more.

With all of those self-imposed changes, came some natural shifts in the energies around me. I could sense and see the universe at work, arranging and re-arranging on my behalf. While some doors were closing in my life, others were opening up.

It was actually a great relief to me when many of the situations and circumstances in my life which I had created by living in-authentically, began to crumble. I could now see that, every time I took on something that was not my own, it served to create another barrier to happiness in my life. Tearing down those barriers created a clear, unobstructed path to my best possible life, and made room for all that is truly and authentically me.

I began to see in my own personal relationships that being your true, authentic self is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to someone else. When you are completely you, then you give others the opportunity to love you completely. When you withhold or suppress parts of yourself, its not possible for someone else to love you completely. We all need someone in our lives to show up for us authentically, to give us the chance to love completely, to have that experience. To learn and to grow from it. To show up for ourselves that way and to be that example for the world around us.

Just about a year into making some of the biggest changes in my life to be my most authentic self, I met the love of my life. You can read about my story of love, healing, and transformation in my book "The Quantum Prayer."