How To Keep Your Soulmate (No Matter What!)

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1 simple trick to getting out of your own way and letting your Mr. Right find you!

It’s impossible to scare away your Mr. Right! I repeat, it is impossible to scare away your soulmate.

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This may be at the same time one of the simplest dating concepts to understand but also one of the hardest to accept.

The quicker you can be transparent and let that person see ‘The Real You’…the quicker you can both decide  if this is ‘The Real Fit’.

It’s an acceptance issue. Which means, it’s a rejection issue. And no one, absolutely no one likes the idea of being rejected just for being who we are. The trick is becoming so comfortable in your own skin and who you are at your core that no one’s opinion will shake you.

Just as everything isn’t for everybody there will never be a time where everyone will like who you are or what you do.  And that’s a good thing because we’re not here to fall in love with everyone…we’re only here to fall in love with ‘The One’! How are they going to be able to find you if they can’t see who you really are?

We’ve all got stuff we’d change about ourselves but that doesn’t mean we’re not worthy of being loved. Understand that who you are right now in this very moment is enough and be brave enough to show yourself to the world!

The day you're able to show your true self and your Mr. Right can recognize you as exactly the woman he’s been looking for all his life is the day you’ll have that Magic Moment like none other!

So go ahead ladies, show him what you’ve got!

Until next time,

Love Strong!

Dr. Ish