The #1 Problem with Women’s Online Dating Profiles


Want to meet great guys online? Avoid being generic and let men see the real you!

As part of my research as a dating expert, I periodically get online and look through people’s online dating profiles. As you know, when dating online, your profile becomes the one and only link connecting you with interesting men. If you have a well-written profile that represents you, you not only attract more men, but you greatly increase the odds of attracting YOUR kind of men.

Having said that, crafting a good write-up isn’t easy. It’s difficult to sum yourself up into 2-3 succinct paragraphs, to come up with the words to describe who you are in a way that’s catchy but also genuine. I know. I remember trying to write mine. It wasn’t easy, and I’m a writer!

As I discuss at length in Find The Love of Your Life Online, there are many ways to go awry when writing those paragraphs – rambling, Man Repellant Statements, too many smiley faces… but while those should be avoided, they aren’t the main problem I see with women’s profiles. There is a bigger problem I run across, one that plagues most profiles I read and one that makes it difficult to draw in the right men. What is that problem?

Many women’s profiles are too GENERIC.

What do I mean by “generic”? I mean that the profiles sound like they could have been written by thousands of women. The problem is: you aren’t like thousands of women! You’re unique! And Mr. Right is out there looking for you and your brand of woman! But he won’t find you if the very things that make you special are buried in a generic write-up.

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