How To Find And Keep The Love of Your Life AKA Your Soulmate


The good news… you have more than one love of your life - Spiritual Soul Mate! The other news ...

Are you discouraged and feeling like a victim of your dating or relationship patterns?

There is one important key you need to understand in order to attract "The OneThe love of your life. Your Soulmate."

The majority of people are unaware, without realizing she/he is sabotaging his/her relationship success.

However, to access the empowerment needed to manifest the love you’re seeking, you need to see yourself as the source of your experience in your past relationships.

Heretofore, you may have been feeling that somehow your experiences in love (or lack of experiences!) are just happening to you, instead of understanding that they are transpiring through you.

Do you identify with any of these reasons you may believe why you can't have the love you desire in your life? 

• Your parents were poor role models for relationships, thus, you are doomed to failure in love.

• You’ve never met the right person.

• Men are intimidated by powerful and competent women.

• Women only want men with big incomes.

• Women aren't attracted to men who look like me (too bald, too overweight, etc.)

• Woman over 40 have a better chance of being hit by a bus or lightening than she does of finding a great man.

• All the good ones are taken.

• Men/women don’t like my type—short, ordinary looking, etc.

• Men/women are too picky..

While there is a degree of truth in some of these statements, you'll never access the empowerment you need to create a different experience if you place your attention on those beliefs.

The majority of people are resistant to taking ownership of their experience, because we all know that relationships are co-created.

You may have dated people who didn't treat you well, who were selfish and self-absorbed; alcoholic, people who lied, or who simply didn't call you back when he/she said he/she would.

This is where most people place their attention—on what the other person did wrong—on why she/he did what she/he did, or didn't do.

These things may all be true. But this approach is a dead end, because there’s no access to empowerment for you to cause a break-through inside that conversation.

To access the empowerment you need to make love transpire, you need to see yourself clearly without making yourself "wrong."

The good news is … you have more than one love of your life—Spiritual Soul Mate! The other news is you will need the courage to look within, to learn why you are currently living your life without a soul mate. And the love of your life—your Spiritual Soul Mate needs to do the same. If one or both of you have not done the Spiritual growth to attract or be attracted … the odds of meeting your Soul Mate are slimmer. Your conscious (ego) mind will consistently lead you to familiar relationship patterns—same guy/gal different face.

The key to learning how to attract or be attracted to the love of your life—Spiritual Soul Mate is for you to come to terms with the fact that your beliefs and the other party’s beliefs create your respective reality. Whoa! That is a lot to take in.

This simple truth is easy to understand and difficult to master. To understand why it is difficult to master, you need to examine some facts about how belief systems are formed. To learn about these belief systems and how to master them to attract The Love of your life—Your Soul Mate Click here …  

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD is an internationally recognized authority on bridging Science, Spirit and Human Potential with over 30+ years experience as a transformation facilitator, speaker, and educator in natural health and wellness, personal/professional development, she has transformed many people's lives. Her PhD is in Metaphysics.