5 Incredible Things That Will Happen To You If You Orgasm TODAY

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Here are Five Reasons to Have Orgasm Today

Get after it!

What is an orgasm

An orgasm can be defined as the feeling of intense sexual pleasure during sexual activity. This intense sexual pleasure is also called 'climaxing' or 'coming out'. Having sexual intercourse is not all about having an orgasm. However, it can be considered as the most pleasurable part of a sexual intercourse.

According to a study, happiness is directly proportional to the amount of sex. It means that having more sex will lead to an increment in the level of happiness.

How would you feel if you missed a climax of an awesome movie you were just watching? You will not feel satisfied, right? The case is same with the sexual interaction. You won't be satisfied unless you have an orgasm during sexual activity. However, there are many people who have an orgasm dysfunction.

According to the statistics, around 40 percent American women are suffering from sexual dysfunction. This shows that many people are not able to enjoy sexual intercourse to its fullest. However, we're not here to discuss sexual dysfunction. Instead, we will discuss the five reasons why you should have an orgasm.

Why should you have an orgasm today?

The question should be "Why should I not have an orgasm today?" There are no strong reasons for not having an orgasm because it has plenty of benefits for you. Here are five reasons for having an orgasm today:

1. Enhances your mood.


Everyone wants to be happy. Have you seen anyone who doesn't want to be happy? However, there are many things that lead to sadness. Having an orgasm helps enhance your mood to make you happier.

Being happy is not only good for yourself but also for your overall relationship. It's not an easy task to maintain a healthy relationship after years of marriage. However, your happy mood will spread positive vibes, which leads to healthy communication and a satisfied relationship.

2. Better cognition.

You can improve your cognitive abilities by having an orgasm. According to a study, sexual activities stimulate the growth of cells in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is an area of the brain that plays a crucial role in long-term memory. This leads to the increment of neurons or neurogenesis, which may help in better thinking and cognitive function.

Isn't it wonderful? You are not only improving your physical health by having an orgasm, but you are also getting smarter with more sex.

3. Pain relief.


Do you have the habit of skipping sex because of a minor headache and pain? If you're making excuses of a headache and small pain for not having sex, then here is good news for you: having sex can actually ease your pain.

According to the study conducted by the researchers at the University of Munster in Germany, they found that having sex could provide relief from a cluster headache and migraine. If you have a headache next time, reach out to your partner instead of pain relief tablets.

4. Better skin.

Add orgasm in the list of the ways to have a better skin. One of the hormonal byproducts of having sex is dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). It plays an important role in various aspects of health like weight control, adrenal health, and better skin.

There are DHEA supplements in the market. However, it has some adverse impacts. It's better to have an orgasm instead of DHEA supplements because it is a natural way to produce DHEA.

A study shows that sex can also lead to the production of collagen. More production of collagen can help you to have a younger looking skin.

5. Reduces your stress and anxiety.


There are many causes of stress and anxiety. Some of them are relationship problems, work pressure, conflicts, and others. Having too much of stress and anxiety can even lead to depression. It is essential to get rid of your stress.

There are many ways to manage your stress and anxiety, and one of them is an orgasm. After viewing the PET scans of women, the researchers found that stress and anxiety are reduced during sexual activity.

Make sure you have a regular sex with your partner to live a life with less stress and anxiety. If you're stressed out right now, then better have an orgasm today.

Now that you're aware of the reasons for having an orgasm, you can now have fun! And if someone is not aware of the benefits of orgasm, they just take it as a way to have fun.

However, it is more than just a way to have fun. It's the way to have fun and to enhance your overall health at the same time. Try to have a good sexual relationship with your partner. If you have a problem with having an orgasm, then do not hesitate to contact your doctor without any hesitation.