How To Make A Woman WANT To Have Sex

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Boost Her Sex Drive – For Mind Blowing Sex

For true sexual pleasure, tap into her five senses.

To experience true sexual pleasure, a woman must feel lust and her libido needs to be active. There are methods of giving a boost to a woman's sex drive. A man must be able to understand how this is done. More importantly, they need to understand where pleasure comes from. This requires asking one serious question to ourselves so that we can have mind blowing sex with our lovers.

Where Does Pleasure Start?

This is a complex question, yet a simple one. 

"The genitals, breasts and inner thighs have the most nerve receptors, so they're most sensitive, but almost any body part can become erotic if you learn to associate it with sexual pleasure," J. Lehmiller, a social psychologist, says.

If we accept these statements as true, then pleasure manifests from all five senses. Each one having it's unique strengths, as a natural human aphrodisiac. Sensation through touch, smell, sound, sight and taste is simply a natural extension of our human bodies.

So let us explore how to turn on a woman and how the senses are related to boosting the sexual libidos of women.

1. Touch

Touch is unique. The Journal of Sex Research states, "...with the other senses, you're not necessarily engaged while your partner experiences it... but touch is reciprocal."

Touch triggers desire for sex in females. That is why massages, foreplay and other tactile aspects of sensuality are so important for men to understand better. Most men neglect this sense and its intimacy with their lovers.

2. Smell

There is evidence that pheromones have a great impact on human sexuality. Your natural scent may be one key ingredient for invoking desire in the ladies, women, and girls. In fact, sweating is one of way of activating pheromones and their secretions.

Exercise increases activity in areas where pheromones are released. Each woman is unique, although all females react to scents, some increasing vaginal blood flow, and others decreasing it. Those smells that cause an increase in vaginal blood flow also will increase her desire for you.

3. Sound

"Sounds cue men into whether a woman is really enjoying sex... but women can physically see when a man is aroused," J. Lehmiller explains. What women really want is sex minus the typically dishonest communication. She wants you to tell her what you want, she wants you to use your voice and speak it aloud.

Just remember, most women prefer words like "cock" over "dick," "giving head" over "blowjob," or "f*ck me" over "do it." Honest communication is a preference for most women. They want to hear men say things, they want the sound to match what they are physically able to see. Otherwise, let her choose the evening bedroom music that will be the background to your sex activities.

4. Sight

Neuroscience expert J.R. Georgiadis explains, "When women look at sexual pictures, they look at many things besides genitals." In contrast, men are turned on by naked bodies and sexual positions.

It's not that she's more interested in your penis, she just wants to view the whole picture. Women want to see everything going on. If you are going to put a mirror up for visual impact, make sure that she can watch as you penetrate her. Better yet, ask her what she wants to watch, then you will find out something about your lover.

5. Taste

If a taste reminds your lover of a successful and stimulating experience, it will induce arousal in her. This is similar to a Pavlovian effect; it is guttural and primal in women. It may be chocolate, cherries, strawberries, wine, champagne, peppermint, licorice or any number of different possibilities. Foods are aphrodisiacs. After enough reinforcement of a particular sensual stimulation, food alone may be enough to trigger her fullest sexual arousal.

Mind-blowing sex can be had any time if you boost the sex drive of your female lover using five senses. 

According to sex researcher J. Sitron, "We use our five senses primarily for purposes other than enjoyment. Sex is a chance to use them to just experience your body."

Without all five senses working in unison, sex is only a physical action. As we explore new boundaries, we also redefine sex and what is erotic. Ultimately we are in search of pure pleasure, and a new sensual world.