6 Easy Steps To Finding Your Perfect Man


If want to find deep and lasting love, you've got to learn the basics

Are you rushing around looking for love in seedy bars trying to get the guy? Are you and spending your entire life looking at the messages on your phone from online dating sites? Are you afraid that you are going to miss out on "the one"?

Do you think the guy you are talking to online is the only man in the universe?

Guess what? He’s not.

There are oodles of men out there with the exact qualities that you are looking for. But how exaclty do you get a the kind of man you've been dreaming about?

There are 6 steps that will help you on your way to landing a great boyfriend or husband, and the law of attraction plays a big part. Here are some basics to get you started:

1. Do whatever you need to do to feel good first

If you are checking your text messages in between shaving your legs and washing, your hair you are rushing trying to make things happen on your time. Slow down and enjoy whatever it is you are doing right this minute. Be present.

Let divine timing have a hand in your love life.

2. Be as clear as glass on exactly what you are looking for

Make a list of traits you want to see in your future partner. What is important to you? It’s time to get clear on what qualities you want and deserve in your life. You want a quality guy, right?

Here are some examples:

  • Sensual
  • Respectful
  • Financially secure
  • Doesn’t swear like a sailor
  • He is kind to animals
  • Calls his mom on mother’s day
  • Can handle if you are crying and has a shoulder for you to lean on
  • Someone who calls you enough that you feel safe and secure
  • A man who knows how to be sweet and pounce on you like a tiger when the time is right
  • Doesn’t mess with your head, but keeps you on your toes
  • Lives a passionate life
  • Holds the door for you but is naughty after he has turned you on all day with text messages filled with sexual innuendos
  • Thinks you are the most beautiful woman in the world even after you cleaned house all day

3. Trust that love is out there for you

Know you are deserving of exactly what you want. Don't settle for less. But, you have to know what this looks like and making the list will help you know him when you see him. A lot of people are single because they are wishy washy and not clear on what it is they are really looking for. If you kind of want a boyfriend, then you will get a dish water-warm relationship.

4. Put yourself out there ladies!

Heroes are scared, and often alone but they tromp through with courage of a Lion. Be courageous, get online, go on dates, flirt, and get in tune with your feminine receptivity. Learn how to be out there without doing everything and learning to receive.

5. Don’t settle down with one guy until (most of) your needs are met

Keep your options open until you discuss having an exclusive relationship and know that he is in alignment with your core values. Be flexible on the little stuff, but stick to your guns when it comes to social justice, sprituality and politics if those are imporant to you. Until you line up in your core beliefs, and have an adult conversations, you are just dating.

No assumptions please.

This does not mean you are dating other men to make him jealous, but it does mean you are dating other men until he is inspired to make you his one and only, and you want to be with him and he is a good guy deep inside.

6. Learn the art of allowing and try not to control outside sources.

Take care of yourself and don’t be afraid to let love in, but don't try to force it. When you let go, feel love and see love in  your heart, you will become a love magnet.

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