Believing You're "Fragile" Is HURTING Your Chance At Love


I'm about to reveal why the real reason why you're single is actually yourself.

There seems to be an epidemic going on right now. An epidemic that seems to be ruining women's chances of ever finding love again. It appears there's this giant sticker women have stuck on the side of them that says: "fragile, handle with care."

It seems like women over the age of thirty-five are too fragile. It's an epidemic. So, many of you are afraid of getting involved with anybody. You're scared of getting hurt so you've stopped trying. When a guy asks you out you instantly think of a hundred reasons why the date wouldn't work.

It's not your fault.

I've seen the way some of you have been treated. Men, not all men, but some men are permanent children, man-babies. They never learned how to treat a woman, let alone another human being. These are the same guys who call themselves alphas but can't hold down a steady job.

And you fall for it because they've learned what they need to say to get you in bed. They know just enough to woo you and then they're out of game, and they're done with you.

But I've met so many women who forget that bad behavior isn't inherent within all men. Not every man is out to just get in your pants. Yes, they think about sex, yes, they probably want to have sex with you, but sex isn't the only thing on their mind.

I know you want a relationship. You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't. But the fear, the jaded anger so many women have due to these ass holes from their past, keeps them from trying with new people.

It feels like we live in a broken down society. We've forgotten what it's like to live in the real world. We're so buried in our phones we've forgotten what the harsh realities of the world are. Let's face the facts and get them straight right now.

We've all been hurt. Anybody who's ever lived has been hurt. If anyone has never been hurt; they've never dated, never had a relationship and never been intimate with anybody. And those are the people I think you need to run away from because they have no idea how to have a relationship.

But for the rest of us, we've all been burned. A lot of people have been cheated on. You have had promises made that never came through. Maybe you got divorced. You've had your heart broken.

The past is the past, but it seems like all you "fragile, handle with care" women are too nervous to take a leap of faith. You seem to be living in the past. You're too nervous to get involved with anybody. You're too fragile to date.

I've met so many women and I've read so many e-mails and they all seem to say; "I want to take it slow. I don't want to make the same mistakes again." What does taking it slow have to do with making mistakes? That's what I don't get.

Taking it slow doesn't change anything. As a matter of fact, sometimes taking it slow means you're going to screw up worse. Whatever happened to just enjoying it. Enjoying the man that comes into your life. Enjoying feeling, taking it day by day.

Just letting go can be an amazing adventure. They call it falling in love for a reason. Why, when you're fragile, do you feel like you need to be so cautious? Why do you need to make the new man pay for the old man's mistakes?

I cannot answer these questions for you. There isn't a single answer. The answer is different for everyone. If you find you're really having trouble answering these questions it might be time to make a change in your life. Men worth keeping aren't going to take the fall for the mistakes of the men in your past. We're tired of paying for the old man's mistakes.

"Fragile, handle with care" seems to be going on everywhere and it's detrimental to your dating and social life. You're never going to meet anybody if you're so super cautious all the time. Dating is about taking chances, risks, opening yourself up, doing things you've never done before.

I strongly suggest you get the "fragile, handle with care" sticker off of your body and leave the packing peanuts to FedEx.