She Wants Romance WITHOUT The Flowers, Chocolate And Champagne

touch of love

Lose the empty calories of chocolate and go for the fireworks this Valentine's Day!

Don't settle for flowers, chocolates and a little champagne for Valentine's Day when you can have a romance of FIREWORKS instead!

So many traditions are based on antiquated notions and the typical trappings of Valentine's Day are no exception. What a woman really needs is to have an explosive and sensational intimate experience that won't come from eating chocolate or sipping champagne.

Chocolate may increase serotonin, helping your mood. The sugar content of most chocolates, however, are likely to give you a sugar rush that'll be followed by a sugar crash. Awe inspiring intimacy requires loads of long lasting energy so you can stay the course. Instead of chocolate and bon bons, opt instead for a salad with protein and some brown rice or a baked potato. Your energy levels are more likely to remain high gear as you romance your way into the Valentine's spirit.

Champagne is a classic Valentine's beverage. Like chocolate, however, it may do more to dampen your romantic groove then egg it on. Alcohol also affects blood sugar and energy, and is likely to put you to sleep way before you are ready for the sand man. Plus, alcohol tends to lower your inhibitions, making it easier for you to act out of character and even take a wrong step. You need your full faculties about you when you encounter Valentine's Day magic. If you must drink, limit yourself to just one glass with some food to make sure you are alert and focused for the big event.

Focus on the quality of your touch this Valentine's Day

Sensuality is part of the mystique of this holiday. Consider a sensual massage for your partner. If the relationship is new, focus on shoulders or feet. Touch is an excellent way to stimulate intimacy and create a deeper connection with your romantic partner. Focus on your partner's response as you touch, and do more of the things that create pleasurable sensation.

Technology is a wet blanket in the romance department. Romantic texts and instagrams may get you to that Valentine's date, but once you are there with your beloved, it is time to turn off the technology. The sounds and lights of cell phones and other technological contraptions interfere with focus. And this is one day that you want to have your full focus on the intimacy at hand.

Romance is an artform of its own

Sex is not required for an awe inspiring Valentine's Day sensation. Long term partners may naturally gravitate toward deeper levels of physical engagement, but new romances do not need to be rushed. Long tender kisses, gentle brushes as you pass by, and holding hands go a long way to deepen the relationship. Investing in a sensory stimulating, intimate, and truly romantic interlude will stoke the fires of your desire and help move the relationship along toward the next step. Even married couples may want to enjoy the romance and flirty fun of Valentine's Day without falling into typical intimate routines. This is a day to explore the art of explosive intimacy and romance, and really try something new. 

Remember to wear a lovely fragrance, show up rested and fed, and wearing clothes that are comfortable yet attractive. You don't want to suffer with painful shoes or tight straps cutting into your shoulders. You deserve to dive into Valentine's Day without reservation. Focus on your partner, drink up the romance, and relish the intimacy. Touch, softly spoken words, and movement are the language of love and will nurture a meaningful encounter that fills your senses like fireworks on the Fourth of July. Focus on the sensation and let it carry you through an enthralling and fulfilling romantic experience that will leave you eager for the next Valentine's Day!