4 Sex Tips For Men


This past Saturday, I did a super fun co-ed pleasure party for 6 couples in Castro Valley. They were such a fun group and we laughed alot. This group of friends have known each other a long time and so they were very comfortable with each other and have been friends since elementary school in some cases. Just very fun, very normal people and we had a blast.

It brought up some fun ideas that I preach alot at the parties and on my blog. Plus, it reminded me of some MESSAGING I should spend more time putting out there. I forget that sometimes men think that Bliss Pleasure Parties are all about girls finding toys that replace them. SO NOT TRUE! Bliss Pleasure Parties are all about helping men and women improve their sex life and their romantic life. I always joke that toys are the appetizers, men are the entrees. (That can be true for all types of relationships - MW, WW, MM, MWM, WMW, etc. )

A sex toy can never replace a real, warm, living, breathing person. Not even the real doll can do all of that stuff.

So, guys, we are not MAN HATERS.....we are SEX and ROMANCE lovers at Bliss. We do not want to help your wife replace you with a rabbit. We want you to use the rabbit together! Yes, it lights up, twists, vibrates and pulses. No, you cannot do that. But, imagine using the toy that lights up, twists, vibrates, and pulses while you are in an embrace with your lover - looking into her eyes, your lips on hers, your arm around her while you use the toy "on her" with your free hand. Sure, sometimes you can be in the "catchers" position, too, but most women would much prefer to use the toy WITH you - not alone and not as a replacement for you.

So, that leads me back to the other topic I have blogged about before which is the "It's so easy, guys, here's how you get your wife or g/f to have more creative sex with you" rant! The co-ed party reminded me of that rant and I am going to go over it again here. This is especially great for your MARRIEDS and for those of you who have been in a relationship for a long time. If you want to have more creative and more passionate sex with your partner follow my advice:

1. If your wife or girlfriend knows you think she is SUPER HOT and that you LOVE every inch of her body and find her super attractive even after 2 babies, cellulite, crows feet or whatever she is worried about - she will be more CONFIDENT. If she thinks you think she is HOT HOT HOT she will be more open to wearing the lingerie in the day light...know what I mean? If she hears you expressing to her often that you sincerely think her mature breasts are hot and that you lover her new hair style - she will feel so much more comfortable in her own skin and I am positive you will find her much more confident in the bedroom.

So be more expressive. When she is cooking dinner, tell her how sexy she looks in her work clothes. When she comes home from a day out with the girls, notice her new pedicure and compliment her. When she is not showering that day and wears her hair in a pony tail, be sure to whisper in her ear how how she looks "au naturale." If you notice the details and give her sincere compliments - she will pay more attention to those little details and will reward you in the best way. SINCERE FLATTERY WILL GET YOU EVERYWHERE.

2. HELP MORE. I talk to thousands of women every year via our Pleasure Parties and our online romance store and the one thing I hear women saying is the reason they don't have more sex is because they are TOO TIRED. They are so sleep deprived, they would rather sleep an extra 15 minutes then to be intimate. So, my tip to you is HELP MORE.

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