To The Man Who's Brave Enough To Love Me Next

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To The Man Who's Brave Enough To Love Me Next, Read This

We will have to work at us every day but at the end of the day, we'll be stronger than ever.

This is a letter to my future husband.

I know it seems like I come with a lot of baggage. I've been through my share of shitty relationships. People have tried to kick me down time and time again.

One thing I can be sure of is you won't regret taking a chance on me. I promise.

I will be difficult more often than not. I will be stubborn at times. But I will compromise on most things and you will always be a priority to me.

I love hard. I love deeply. I love unconditionally and selflessly. You can't find that in everyone you meet. So cherish it.

I have braved through many storms, even hurricanes. And guess what? I am still here stronger and more fearless than before.

It won't be easy. Love isn't easy. Love takes effort and devotion. It takes work. I'm willing to work at it every day as long as you are.

I don't give up. I will never give up so long as you don't give up on yourself. I can carry myself and us, you just need to focus on you and I got the rest. Trust me on that.

I have been through some rough shit, but don't ever think that I am or ever was broken. All of my experiences in life thus far have shaped me into the fearless warrior I am today.

There will be times I am overly sensitive or super emotional. Please don't turn your back on me during these times. Just know a hug and a kiss on the forehead is enough for me.

I don't need fancy things. I don't care for presents. I just want to be in the moment with you and making memories.

I will want to take a million pictures with you. It doesn't matter where we are because I will remember the memories. It may get annoying to you, but it's all in good fun and serves a purpose.

I have insecurities. While I am secure in my own skin, these may arise here and there. My insecurities may seem crazy to you but all you need to do is reassure me every now and again that it's me and you.

If you stop showing me you care or that you love me, I will walk away. I know my worth and it is within myself, not you. If you don't show appreciation or gratitude for the everyday things, I will walk.

You may be thinking "this girl is nuts" and I may very well be a little on the crazy side, but that is only because I know what it's like to be at rock bottom, choosing between life and death.

I don't obsess about money or finances. I've had my money controlled and kept track of and it isn't going to happen again. You're either in this or not. I'm done with the half ass effort put forth by people when I put my all into everything I do.

I want someone to come home to and talk about our days and genuinely care. I don't want it to become routine and forced.

I don't want you or myself to become too comfortable. I want to continue dating you and being your significant other while living together and being best friends.

I want date nights and intimacy. I want romance and adventure. I want to try new things and vice-versa. I want you to be as willing as I am to grow as a couple as well as individually.

I may be 50 shades of messy. I may piss you off. I may annoy you. Despite all of that, I just want you to not give up on me and to fight for us every day.

I am done with having one foot in and the other one out. The same has to go for you also. I'm willing to hold your hand and take that jump into the water with you. If you do, I promise you that we will make it and we will grow stronger each and every day.

Brittney Lindstrom is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.

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