Trouble Finding Your MATCH? Try These Three Apps ASAP!


Online dating can be a pain in the A%%! Explore these three apps for better results!

I think I've tried all the dating apps known to man ... and woman. Within days of their launches in the App Store, I would have created a cute username and uploaded recently filtered photos of me in various "candid" poses. With each new app came a new disappointment. The guys themselves weren't terrible, we just weren't compatible. Though we both swiped right or answered more than the minimum set of questions and came up as each other's matches, the stars simply didn't align. When it comes to dating there's a lot more to it than whether or not you both can date a messy person or love people more than animals. Humans have subcategories or what our parents used to call hobbies and interests. Most apps that are created solely for dating miss the mark when it comes to helping you find your ideal mate. Luckily these three new apps have better aim.

QuizUp - The Biggest Trivia Game in the World

QuizUp had great success as a gaming app. You were able to find and challenge other players all around the world. People signed up simply to prove their knowledge and expertise in a certain area, but soon realized how great it was to find someone not only with the same interest as you but the same level of passion behind it. Passion being the keyword here. With its re-launch QuizUp has a higher goal, to connect people with shared interests.They already have dating success stories of competitors that have now become spouses. With more users joining each day there are sure to be more.

DJ-51- Build the perfect party playlist

DJ-51 allows you to mix your playlist with fellow party goers to ensure that everyone is happy with the music selection. While attending their launch party in Williamsburg they put the app to use. There was no need for a professional DJ, the app took crowdsourcing to the next level. Now the app is great for house parties so both your roommate and your co worker are happy, but what if they were to both discover that they have the same mix of indie songs and 90s Hip-hop on their playlists. This musical match is sure to spark something even bigger. Make sure they use her room and not yours.

Localeur – Recommendations from Locals on Where to Eat, Drink and Play

One look at their homepage with thumbnails of attractive guys that love and know where to get the best bowls of ramen, I thought I had died and gone to dating heaven. With user descriptions that are created to express more than attract, you're able to truly get an idea of the type of person they are. With their updated activities you're also able to see that they not only talk the talk but they walk the walk ... all the way to the city's best ramen restaurant. There aren't any messaging capabilities on Localeur but users usually put their Twitter handles in their bio. The app gives you a ton of ice-breakers that don't seem contrived or awkward when you tweet them. Localeur is your new digital Wing-man.

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