Get Comfortable With Yourself And Sex [Video]


Let’s go for it. Let’s talk about that big, uncomfortable word “Sex.” Yes, I said it – Sex!

Its time for women to walk away from most of our current realities that make us feel that we are supposed to take care of everyone else first and then ourselves. It’s something many of us have been trained to feel. Be it from our parents, or churches and our husbands or significant others.

This is not the 1950′s! This isn’t the middle ages! Not all women out there are built like Barbie dolls nor are we all June Cleavers by any means.

That being said, it’s time to love yourself. Look the mirror and tell yourself it’s time to celebrate you. Check yourself from head to toe. Nice hair, great complexion, beautiful eyes; find something you love. It’s important to remember these things and regain your confidence which you need to get all the things you deserve in life. You can’t love others in a healthy way unless you love yourself.

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