Top 4 Myths About Men


Think you know everything there is to know about men? Think again.

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Think you're an expert on men? Make sure you're not basing your knowledge on these popular myths about the male species.

Girls are informed via every possible information avenue that their boyfriend wants to have sex with them, more sex, sex all the time, sex after sex after sex, so they tend to get confused and anxious when their boyfriends sex drives don't rival Russell Brand's. Take note: Guys choose sleep over sex all the time. Sometimes they like food better than sex or video games better than sex. Sometimes they just want to chill out and do nothing instead of having sex. They're kind of like you. It's not a bad thing. It's a good thing. It'll make your encounters that much spicier when you guys do have a special, pants-off kind of evening.

Myth #2: Guys Are Stone Cold, Emotionless Cyborgs
You might be insulted at your guy's ability to completely ignore his emotions and those of the people around him. Try to remember, though, that just because he's not displaying his emotions at a certain time doesn't mean that his emotions don't exist. Some guys are just natural compartmentalizers who are capable of allotting separate mental energy to all of their activities, including, but not limited to having sex, eating, cuddling, looking at dope shit online, thinking about their feelings, talking, fancy date talking, thinking about how old-school weird it is that someone can still make a living being a shoe cobbler, playing video games, trying to figure out what in the hell is going on inside girls' heads and subsequently giving up that endeavor so that they can pretend they're in Mad Men. So yes, men and women think differently sometimes, but don't completely relocate men to Mars. Each gender has distinct thought patterns and behavior discrepancies, but all humans (including men) can be vulnerable creatures. Get to know the ins and outs of your guy's emotional web. Don't jump to conclusions about the gross insensitivity of all men and don't pressure him to mold to your idea of appropriate masculine behavior. Figure out the way he works as an individual so that you guys can strike a productive, supportive emotional dynamic.

Myth #3: Guys Want To Date A Really Sexy Baby
Nope. Even though wider society might infantalize women, acting stupid isn't the way to bag a cool boyfriend. Men who are worth a damn want to sign up with a woman who has independent interests and goals. Sometimes guys are intimidated by smart, powerful women, but it's a good kind of intimidation, one that begins as astonishment and morphs immediately into respect. It might be cute at first if you always want his jacket when you're cold and you're "too silly" to remember to wear panties, but if that shit goes on too long, your boyfriend becomes your babysitter. Not sexy. If you're with a man who wants his girlfriend to act like a baby, he's probably pretty immature himself.

Myth #4: Guys Don't Like To Cuddle
Everyone likes to cuddle sometimes. Maybe your boyfriend doesn't like to cuddle as much as you do (or maybe he likes it more), but he definitely likes having a girl in his arms. And while we're at it, there is no correlation between foot/hand size and penis size. Also semen barely has any calories. Straight talk!

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