"I don't want size to matter, but it does...."

Does Penis Size Matter

Alex Allman, male sexuality expert, explains:  "This all began when my good friend Jennifer (not her real name) called me one evening, sounding desperate and asking for my help."

She told me that her husband Mark had a slightly below-average sized penis. Even though she loved sex with him, she felt that there was something missing. 

She launched into a story about how several years earlier she had a lover who had a huge penis. Now she often found herself thinking about him.  She felt guilty because Mark was a great lover and a caring and wonderful husband whom she adored. But she just missed that feeling of fullness that she had with her ex. 

Of course she felt just awful, shallow and guilty to even be talking to me about it. Yet, she couldn't help her feelings about it. She didn't want to just push it down, repress it and then resent him for it later.

I'll tell you flat out that when Jennifer told me this story, my heart sank down to my knees.

First of all, Mark is a dear friend of mine as well. This did not sound like a situation that was good for their marriage at all. Frankly, I felt a bit embarrassed for him.

Secondly, I have been teaching men for nearly a decade that "size doesn't matter," and that "it's not the size of your boat, but the motion in your ocean that counts!"

This was not what I wanted to hear. 

To make matters worse, Mark is a sex expert in his own right. He has been training in advanced tantra techniques for years. He even spent time living in San Francisco learning "orgasmic meditation" stroking techniques to give women extended orgasms and female ejaculation.

But now Jennifer was telling me that none of that mattered. During intercourse, when she wanted to feel closest to her man, she found herself disappointed by the size of his penis.

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