3 Mistakes That Might Scare Your Sex Buddy Away


Sometimes it makes sense to have a friend with benefits…don't blow it by making these mistakes!

I don't want or need a Mr. Right.  Not yet. My current no strings attached man is not in a place to build anything with anyone.  It will be a long time before I am ready for something permanent. Cyber sex is my main orgasm outlet. My sex buddy comes and goes, so to speak...not always available but when he is...there is some hot fun to be had.  There is a real trick to keeping the sex hot.

It is easy for a great sex buddy to disappear if you misunderstand the difference between a friend with benefits and a Mr. Right.

Here are the three mistakes you MUST avoid so that your sex buddy dates stay hot and exciting.  Success begins and ends in your mind.  It depends on how you think about your partner and where you set your expectations. 

Mistake #1.  Expecting him to spend time with you between sexcapades. Your sex buddy is not your boyfriend (or girlfriend, no offense guys). Do not expect him to call, text or hang out with you.  Start thinking of him him the way you would any guy buddy working or playing together.  You enjoy the sport of sex together.

Mistake #2. Expecting your “thing” with him to fill your life.  Your sex buddy is not your boyfriend.  He is not rejecting you when he goes incognito between times.  His life has its share of drama and trauma otherwise, he wouldn't be looking for an outlet either. Yes you have sexual chemistry and compatability but it is YOUR job to satisfy your sexual hunger, not his.

Mistake #3.  Expecting you will see him often. Your sex buddy is not your boyfriend. This is the biggest mistake of all.  Don't feel bad, though, it is a tough one to navigate.  When you have met a particularly delicious new partner and he wakes up the tigress in you...it is natural to want a lot of that ... right now.

But, if the signs are there and you can see clear as a bell...he is not Mr. Right.  You might make him Mr. Why Not.  That is when to PLAN on seeing him weeks apart, not tomorrow night.

The Art of the Sex Buddy is one worth pursuing.  The sex is hotter the less often you meet up.  Call the parameters you are playing with.  Find your favorite solo sex routine for the in between and have at it. Try out the great erotica written by men right here.

So you think you want a sex buddy?  

Choose this option wisely.  Sex buddies are fantastic fun and super hot but definitely not for everybody.  As long as it is fun for both of you and you stay true to the concept, you will know how to proceed and when it is time to move on.

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