Is Having A Friend With Benefits For You? Take This Quick Quiz

Friends with benefits

So you think you want a sex buddy. Choose wisely. Having a friend with benefits is not for everyone!

There is a devilish difference between a friend with benefits and a lover who wants to build something with you. Subtle at times, glaring at others, this gap between Mr. Right and Mr. Why Not is always visible.  A girl has to have her eyes wide open in order to make this FWB arrangement work out with a great sex partner. 

Let's face it: sex is fun. There is nothing like an orgasm and last time I checked it was free, you need minimum of equipment and you have natural talent in this area. 

What if you looked at sex the way you do tennis, golf or photography? What if you practiced and perfected the art of orgasm and then took it out to collaborate? What if you could have a sex partner who was just as much into it for the fun and entertainment as you are?

The internet has made such sex possible.

Having cyber sex with a man half a world away through text and email has shown me just how amazing my body is when I get out of the way and let it find its way to orgasm. I have met amazing storytellers and role players who easily put me into an orgasmic stupor that is way better than sex with nearly every lover I have had. When my friend with benefits is away, I find my own way to play. (Click Here For Cybersex Sample)

Here is a quick quiz to figure out if you can handle being with a guy for sex only. Answer true or false. 

  1. Men in your past have called you needy.
  2. Your ex three exes ago is still pissing you off.
  3. You have never spent more than 6 months single in your adult life.
  4. You have strong religious or spiritual beliefs regarding sex outside of commitment.
  5. You want to be married within one year.

If you answer true to any of these questions, BEWARE. 

While you might think that you can handle it, the truth is, at this moment, you are vulnerable to the natural attachment that happens with sex. The more true's you have, the more you should run from a man who wants to be your sex buddy.

If you answer false for all, you just might pull it off, so to speak.

The light is green but proceed with caution. It isn't easy to stop your mind from wanting him and obsessing about him in between times.  You have to have a sexual action plan. When you work solo sex into your weekly routine, you will come to the point where the time in between actually turns you on.

The theory of a sex buddy sounds good and for some of us, it works. Can a sexual workout be like a hot game of tennis or a rough rapid ride with a good guy friend? What do you think?

Catherine Behan (AKA Angel Snow) is a Peak Performance Coach specializing in teaching sex and pleasure tips through erotica. If you crave risky pleasure, can't find a partner or are just plain frustrated with sex, take the quiz at ResetSex.com

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