How To Take The Best “Selfie” For A Dating Site

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Tips for taking the best selfie to make your online dating profile give the right first impression.

Selfie queens aside, if you're like most normal people, you're not as comfortable in front of a camera as you are in face-to-face scenarios. However, it's absolutely necessary for those hoping to find love or fun through the internet to produce a compelling profile photo that leaves other individuals eager to find out more.

Online daters around the world regularly confront this challenging element of the profile-building experience. Yet very few approach this task with any level of planning or thought. For many, the process is as "simple" as pulling out one's cellphone and snapping a candid picture. Unfortunately, however, a vast majority of online dating "selfie" pictures are still far from appealing or enticing.

It's an unfortunate "truth" in the realm of online dating that there are more romantic failures than successes. You may be able to weed out incompatible matches by giving a clear and compelling visual indication of who you are and what you are looking for. Here's a few tips.

Tip #1: Avoid sex......unless that's all you're looking for

It may be tempting to lure a date in by flaunting your assets, especially as a woman. After all, if you spend just five minutes looking at other women's profile pictures, you'll get your fair share of legs, boobs and booty photos just screaming for attention.

But far too many men and women attempt to ensnare members of the opposite sex by posting provocative pictures that emphasize their overtly attractive physical features. While this is guaranteed to catch the eye of potential matches, it also displays a very clear message that you may lack true self confidence. It also says that you're only looking for a hookup.

Alexander Greenberg, founder of PriceDate.com, gave this tip, "Posting overtly sexual profile photos can definitely give off the wrong impression if that's not what you're looking for. In fact, it could downright scare away men and women who are after a serious relationship."

PriceDate.com is a new online dating platform that offers visitors the opportunity to "bid" on fellow singles in an attempt to win the opportunity to date their preferred individual. In this particular situation, as with the vast majority of other dating websites, quality profile pictures can make the difference between a thrilling romantic connection and a frustrating bad date.

Let's be clear — seductive photos aren't always a bad thing, but it may prove to be a turn-off. People who are seeking more serious relationships and opportunities for emotional as well as physical intimacy will steer clear. Unless your primary goal is to find someone for a passionate fling, you may want to consider making your profile photo a bit more classy.

Tip #2: Blurry = Bad

There's nothing "wrong" with taking a quick picture on your cellphone for your online dating profile. But it's important that this image be as clear and high quality as possible from the production side of things. A fuzzy or blurry picture gives off a few quick signals to the person viewing your profile.

It robs an individual's opportunity to enjoy the finer details of your features. It also sends a clear message that you don't care enough about this process to take the time necessary to present yourself well.

Blurry photos can also be misleading. If the other person isn't able to see your face clearly in the photo, they could end up being very surprised when meeting you in person. As a general rule, don't expect to make contact with legitimate individuals if your profile picture isn't up to par.

Tip #3: Clear backgrounds are the way to go

The purpose of an online dating profile picture is to draw attention to your physical attributes, not the strange scenario unfolding behind you. Always check to make sure that the picture you are uploading is free of any "sketchy" items or people in the background. The majority of individuals won't spend too much time thinking about the environment in which you snapped your profile picture. But you may induce lingering doubts in potential suitors if strange contraband or dubious characters are surrounding you. Clearing the area only takes a second, after all.

Tip #4: Complement your profile photo with additional photos

So you've nailed your main selfie for your dating profile. Follow it up with more photos! Add additional photos of yourself doing things that you enjoy doing most. It give potential suitors an even better idea of what you look like. It will also give them a glimpse into your personality and passions.

With the right profile picture and a smattering of good luck, you just might connect with a special someone who lights the romantic spark inside of you. Now smile for the camera. Cheese!