7 Types Of Dating Profiles You Should NEVER Swipe Right On

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Unless, of course, you're fond of wasting your time.

Online dating can feel overwhelming at times due to the amount of profiles to sift through.

But there are some ways you can eliminate the low-hanging fruit right off the bat. Here are the types of profiles the indicate this person probably isn't worth your time:  

1. Shirtless bathroom mirror selfies


Really, ladies? Do I need to explain why this is going to get you, at the most, a one-night stand? If a guy is posting this on his profile, more often than not, his priorities are shallow (i.e., looks, body type, and sexual innuendo). Chances are, he's not really interested in getting to know much about you beyond those things, which means he's probably also not interested in an emotional and spiritual long-term relationship with you (or anyone).

2. All of their photos are selfies 


Having lots and lots of selfies on his dating profile begs the question: Does this person have any friends at all? If he did, wouldn't said friends have photographically captured this person in the normal course of social activities? Also, it shows a lack of commitment and effort toward finding a serious relationship, because anyone can snap a quick photo of oneself and post it immediately. 

3. The dreaded duck face


Does anyone walk around in normal life pouting her lips? If so, beware of that gal. Tell me what is natural about a duckface. Oh, nothing. Then why do it when trying to show your most natural self to your potential significant other? Remember, it's all about your authentic self, people!

4. No photos at all


What are they hiding? Their married status, perhaps? Do they hate their looks so much that they're embarrassed to show themselves to others? Are they some kind of creepy stalker that doesn't want the police knowing what they look like after they kidnap you? All these are valid questions to ask about profiles that fail to include any pictures at all.

5. A super sex-plicit profile


Not that there's anything wrong with healthy sex between consenting adults. But must you lead with it when first getting to know someone? People who ask or share TMI up front are probably only interested in dating you for that reason. Don't waste your time responding if it makes you feel icky to be used for sex.

6.  Clearly lying about their age


While it's hard to tell who's being exactly honest about their age, some pictures are just bald-faced lies. Who on earth pretends to be younger than they are? Liars, that's who.

7. Tons of obvious typos


Not to say we don't all make the occasional mistake when we type, but if someone's bio is so riddled with spelling and grammar errors that it's hard to glean what he was trying to relate about himself, you might wonder what else he'll be careless about when it comes to being in a romantic relationship with you. 

8. The party animal


Does every picture in this profile depict the person with an adult beverage in hand? Alcohol in moderation is usually OK, but if this person only appears to have a good time when alcohol is present, be vigilant. Drug and alcohol problems in a potential relationship should always be a deal breaker for you.

9. Too good to be true


Does everything about this person seem perfect — except that he or she dodges the opportunity to meet up in person? At worst, a catfish. At best, "just not that into you." Cease all communication with this person at once. It is a waste of your valuable time. 

Now that you know to avoid these profiles, you can choose a few people you feel you can strike up a real conversation with. With your energy focused in the right direction, you never know when love will find you

Adi Cecile is a Wellbeing and Dating & Relationship coach who hosts workshops in New Orleans for women struggling in their quests to discover the relationships they've always wanted. To sign up for a free consultation, and understand why she's a good fit for your dating and relationship needs, visit adicecile.com.