10 Deep Reasons You’re ALWAYS Attracted to Long-Distance Relationships

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do long distance relationships work

Do you love the romance ... or is it something a little darker?

Do you find yourself more attracted to men who don’t live close by? Maybe he’s in the next state or from another country. There just something about a far-away guy that makes your heart race and captures your attention so much more than local men.

What is it about long-distance relationships that appeal to so many women, and do long-distance relationships work?

Here are 10 possible reasons for this undeniable attraction, plus what it takes to make a LDR successful:

1. They're new and exciting.

Falling for any guy, near or far, is exciting. The start of a romance makes you feel vibrantly alive and hopeful.

It’s a romantic adventure as you discover who he is and especially if it’s been a while since your last relationship. That’s what makes it so easy to get involved even though the distance could present a problem. It just feels so good to be interacting with a man again that you push aside any concerns about the distance.

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2. They're very romantic.

Texting morning and night can be so romantic.

You look forward to his sweet morning messages and those endearing nightly notes. What a way to start and end your day, touching base with someone who seems to care. If you’re a romantic gal, this is practically irresistible. He might send you kiss emojis or flowers by text. It’s sheer bliss as you get to know each other and become invested in making this work regardless of the miles between you.

3. They're fabulous fantasy.

When you connect with a long-distance guy, you finally have a man to think about again! You start imagining how wonderful your time together will be. You daydream about being in bed as you envision romantic trysts with your someday lover. Fantasy plays an extremely big role for some women and takes you away from the drudgery of your everyday life.

4. They're emotionally satisfying.

You enjoy building a strong connection with a man who would be really great if he was closer. But you’re going to make the most of it!

Sharing the details of your day and talking things over feels wonderful. Emotional support from a sensitive man feels fantastic. How much you have really missed this! Now he’s quickly becoming one of your best friends, and your heart races to support him as well. It’s great to feel needed.

5. They're great fun.

If your life has been feeling humdrum, there’s nothing like a new man to perk thing up.

You might enjoy the same sense of humor and feel heartened to have someone to laugh with again. Maybe you have deep conversations and explore the underpinnings of our political situation or theories about how the universe came to be. Nothing like a little fun again to make your life more enjoyable and he delivers on this without being close by.

6. They're so easy.

Not much is easier than texting throughout the day and into the night. There’s no driving, no traffic, and no parking. You simply pick up your cell and type. Maybe you Facetime to catch up, share a story about your day or have a virtual date when separated by distance. Technology makes it so convenient to get to know a man and spend time with him, whether it’s a few minutes or into the wee hours of the night.

Now, let’s look beneath the surface to discover deeper reasons why you’re always drawn to men who are geographically undesirable:

7. You're short on time.

Life is hectic! Maybe you are a single mom or have a taxing career or both. A long-distance guy sure makes life easy. You can talk or see each other via technology anytime and without a babysitter. There’s no need to leave the house and you can squeeze in a chat between other more pressing obligations.

The only time the distance becomes problematic is when you actually want to get together. But why worry about logistics of a future visit when this satisfies so well for now? It’s a simple, quick relationships fix, but not a realistic solution if you want the whole shebang.

8. There's little to no risk to your freedom.

Some women have fought hard to win their independence and fear what life with a local man would be like. How much of your precious time will he expect? Many women don’t want a man to get involved with their decision making or take time away from other pursuits.

That’s why a long-distance guy is perfect — you can squeeze in a few quick trips during the year and have someone available to talk to anytime without sacrificing your freedom. If he’ll go for it, it sure works for you.

9. You have a fear of commitment.

While you often read about men who are commitment-phobes, some women share this fear as well. You might find someone better and the distance is the perfect excuse to end things when a new man comes on the scene. Or you want to keep things loose to maximize your social opportunities.

A long-distance guy certainly can’t just pop over or make many demands, so it serves your needs without many complications.

10. You’re not emotionally available.

Last but not least, when you’re always drawn to unavailable men, whether it’s due to distance or other circumstances, it’s time to look at yourself. Women often choose a man who is not geographically available because they themselves are not fully available. Being out of state or in another country provides a safety net to keep him at a distance.

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How to have a successful long-distance relationship:

Of course, a long-distance relationship can work out, but they're so much harder. You have to endure time apart and be willing to stay true to each other without a lot of time together. For success, it requires two equally dedicated people who make the most of the situation to keep things fresh and interesting and the relationship as a priority.

Women write to me every day about long-distance lovers who don’t hold up their end, don’t make time to see them, and don’t keep their promises. Naturally, local men can behave this way as well. But there is no denying spending time together with a geographically close guy is much easier.

If you truly desire a lasting relationship, I encourage you to look locally for love. This eliminates many difficulties created by distance and can make your love life a lot less complicated.

Ronnie Ann Ryan is a dating coach for women over 40. If you’re ready to stop wasting precious time on the wrong men, get a free consultation with Ronnie or her free book 7 Deadly Sins of Texting.