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About Morris Mann

It began coaching while I was in graduate school working on my PhD. in Psychology. I coached the basketball varsisty of my high school. I loved it. It also helped that I was a rgreat coach and we won four straight championships.


Soon after completing my doctorate I founded a parenting center called Little People. I developed a parenting coaching model there that is effective today as well. It combines an understanding of child development and parenting skills for new parents. It is based on the principle that as parents we need to teach life skills and good character to our children.


My drive for concrete goal oriented work led me to the business world. For over 18 years, I worked as Executive VP of an international men's fashion company that was a family business. It also gave me first hand experience coaching managers for success in the business world.


Seven years ago, I re-immersed myself in psychology training, but this time as a coach. I specialized in the area of Positive Psychology with Harvard professor Tal Ben-Shahar as my mentor. It has provided the conceptual framework for me to return to psycholog and focus on helping people achieve positive goals.


I did further training in family business consulting and coaching at the Family Firm Institute in Boston. Having worked in a family busines used it as an opportunity to add profession skills to related to areas like success, accountability, and next generation hiring to my personal experience and knowledge.This training focused on factors contributing to multi generational family business success. It has helped me coach business executives in their relationships with their children.


Positive Psychology is the study of wellness and why things go right in our lives. It focues the skills and expercises that bring people lasting happiness and a flourishing life.

This is an approach that helps focus on strengths to build better relatiionships, achive career and business success and help your children.It is a positive approach of applied practical and realistic optimism.

In my coaching practice I choose to work with people who are committed to make changes in their lives. These are people who are looking to improve their personal relationship or professional/business lives and want wisdom and  accountability from a Professional coaching partner.

i approach the coaching process by first working with you to develop a vision with extraordinary long term goals and short term milestones. These are determined by evaluating and maximizing your strengths and assets for achieving success. We move toward that vision in concrete steps which constantly require a balance of inspiration, action and accountability.


I have been married over 30 years, and have five wonderful happpy, successful and responsible children and five grandchildren.

My website is  http://www.coachingauthentichappiness.org

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