People Think Taylor Lautner's Wife Manifested Her Childhood Dream Life After Revealing She Was A 'Twilight' & Taylor Swift Fan Growing Up

She's married to a famous actor and is friends with one of the biggest pop stars. How did she do it?

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We can all pretty much agree that Mrs. Taylor Lautner, wife of actor Taylor Lautner, lives a rather remarkable life. She married Jacob from the "Twilight" series, is friends with Taylor Swift, and even had the chance to sit next to her crush, Robert Pattinson, on a plane. 

Now, people are demanding that she share her manifestation techniques and methods for making her childhood dreams a reality. 


People believe that Taylor Lautner’s wife manifested her dream life by being a ‘Twilight’ and Taylor Swift fan growing up. 

It's safe to assume that Taylor’s Lautner’s wife scored the “W” on life. Mrs. Taylor Lautner, whose maiden name is Dome and goes by Tay, first met her now husband, 31-year-old actor Taylor Lautner, in 2018 after Mr. Lautner’s sister introduced the two while he was on an acting hiatus. After three years of dating, Lautner popped the question to his now wife, and the two married on November 11, 2022, at a California winery. 

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Most of us are familiar with Taylor Lautner when he starred as Jacob Black, the heartthrob werewolf from the “Twilight” movies, which were popular between 2008-2012. The films are based on the hit book series written by Stephenie Meyer, and depict the love triangle between Bella Swan, vampire Edward Cullen, and werewolf Jacob Black. 

Apparently, Tay, who was 11 years old when the first "Twilight" movie hit theaters, was also a fan. A photo posted to her Instagram in 2020 depicted her as a young teen sporting a "Twilight" hoodie. She captioned the post, “#tbt#twlightforever.” 

However, Tay admitted that she was Team Edward, not Team Jacob, when the movies premiered.


In a video posted to her Instagram in June 2022, she joked about how her “childhood crush” was Robert Pattinson, the actor who portrayed Edward Cullen, yet she wound up with the real-life Jacob. 

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“I think it’s time to come clean...” she captioned the video, with her now-husband commenting, “Bout time I won something.” 

Not only did Tay end up marrying Jacob Black, but she also had the opportunity to sit next to the one and only Edward himself on a plane while visiting Taylor, whom she was newly dating at the time, to visit him on the set of his TV show. 

The couple shared the story on their joint podcast “The Squeeze.” Tay was completely unaware that she had even been sitting next to her childhood crush until the end of the flight. 



“The lights come on, everybody stands up out of their seat to walk off the plane, and she looks over and sitting next to her for this whole experience was Mr. Team Edward himself, Robert Pattinson,” Taylor said. 


Although, Tay did not introduce herself to the actor because she believed it would've sounded "so weird" to introduce herself as "Taylor's girlfriend that no one knows yet,” per E! News.

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Not only was Tay a 'Twilight' fan growing up, but she was also a Swiftie who was familiar with the pop star’s music. 

She recently shared a photo on her Instagram account, taken back in 2010, posing with the singer at a concert, proudly wearing a “Team Taylor” tank top. 

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Swift also happens to be Taylor Lautner’s ex, with the two briefly dating in 2009 and eventually breaking it off due to distance. The pair have remained friendly since their split, with Taylor Lautner even starring in Swift’s new music video, “I Can See You” (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault),” which premiered on July 7. 

Additionally, Lautner and his wife also made a surprise appearance during Swift’s concert as part of her “Eras” Tour in Kansas City. Missouri. 

Tay is now thrilled to call Swift one of her close friends. "@taylorswift you are not only one of the most talented people to ever walk this earth (truly don’t think there is anything you can’t do) but you are also one of THE kindest people,” she wrote in her Instagram post along with a photo of the three of them. 

“You welcomed my husband and I into your camp with open arms and the warmest heart. The way you are so down to earth and authentically yourself after all these years of being in the spotlight is inspiring.” 


With all of Tay’s good fortune, other people are demanding to know her secrets about how she manifested celebrities into her life as part of her social circle. 

“Not only are you a Twilight fan that ended up marrying freaking Jacob, but you are also a Taylor Swift stan that somehow married one of her exes that she’s still cool with, not only get to meet her but be in the set of her music video,” TikTok user Simone Umba pointed out in a video, referring to Tay.



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“I need to know how you manifest this,” one user commented. “She won in life,” another wrote. 


Manifestation is a self-help strategy that can supposedly make one’s wishes come true by mentally visualizing them, therefore putting them out to the universe. Manifestation techniques are based on the Law of Attraction of New Thought spirituality. 

There are various methods of manifestation, including writing down your hopes and dreams, thinking about them often, and acting as if you already have them.

By being an outspoken fan of "Twilight" and Taylor Swift, some people are convinced that Tay was able to manifest Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift into her life as a husband and a friend, respectively.

According to those who swear by the Law of Attraction, you can also manifest your dream partner, friends, and life. They believe that the visions and thoughts your mind formulates are responsible for your circumstances, allowing you to “own” your reality. 


While it is not scientifically proven that manifestation actually works, some people believe that by remaining positive and hopeful, your dream life will always be right at your fingertips. 

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