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5 Unusual 'Rules' Amber Heard Reportedly Made Johnny Depp Follow

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Johnny Depp, Amber Heard

Former couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are currently embroiled in their defamation lawsuit in Fairfax, Virginia, as the whole world watches.

Depp is currently suing Heard for $50 million in response to the 2018 op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post, in which she talked about being the victim of domestic violence.

Despite the fact that Heard never mentioned Depp by name, the actor claims there was "malicious intent" behind her article, and that it did irreparable damage to his career, along with the fact that he insists he never hit his ex-wife.

Heard is also suing Depp for counter-defamation, stating it was her career that took serious hits due to the claims he made, and standing firm in her claims that Depp did abuse her.

Throughout the trial, more details have emerged about the tumultuous relationship between Depp and Heard, along with details about certain rules Heard made Depp follow.

Here are 5 unusual 'rules' Amber Heard reportedly made Johnny Depp follow.

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1. Amber Heard would take Johnny Depp's shoes off when he got home from work every day.

While testifying in court, Depp said that the beginning of their relationship had been "too good to be true," and confessed to noticing how things started gradually shifting.

One of the incidents happened after Depp had come home from work, and Heard made him take his boots off, which Depp said "visibly upset" Heard, according to Daily Star.

"I remember I came home one night from work. I sat on the couch and took my boots off and suddenly Ms. Heard approached with this look on her face."

Depp claimed Heard was upset that he had taken his own boots off and broken one of her rules, saying, "Once you notice things like that, you notice other things."

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2. Heard and Depp would eat dinner in front of the TV every night.

According to BBC, Depp told the court it was "normal" for the couple to have dinner in front of the television and to lie or sit on the couch together.

"It was almost as if there were rules, she has a routine and if that routine isn't met to her standards then there was going to be a problem."

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3. Depp would constantly have to be touching Heard while they were together.

Depp also told the court that Heard constantly wanted physical attention from him, and if he wasn't giving to her, she'd reach over and "grab my hand and put it on her thigh."

"But on occasion, out of nowhere, if my hand wasn't holding Ms. Heard's hand or I didn't have my arm around her or whatever, she would reach over and grab my hand and put it on her thigh so that I was then feeding the attention that she wanted," Depp said, according to BBC.

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4. She didn't want Depp to walk away during arguments.

According to Too Fab, audio had been played in the courtroom in which Heard is pleading with Depp to stop walking away from arguments, something he would do quite often before disappearing for periods of time.

"There were many instances where Ms. Heard would get upset, angry, and argumentative in Australia. There were many times ... I would excuse myself from the situation," Depp explained. "I would try to get away so that nothing escalated because if given the chance to allow things to escalate, Ms. Heard would take it to the very extreme. Which ended with my finger being chopped off. I thought it best to avoid things like that."

In one clip, Depp can be heard telling his ex-wife, "Walking away is necessary, is necessary, especially between you and I. It's of utmost importance. The next move, if I don't walk away, it's just going to be a bloodbath. Like it was on the island, it's not worth it. Why be miserable, can we just have some understanding?"

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5. Amber Heard demanded that Johnny Depp give her their apartment, a Range Rover, and $125,000 as part of their divorce.

According to Insider, during the process of their divorce, Heard demanded that Depp allow her to live rent-free in their apartments while he continued to pay the mortgage and utilities in exchange for keeping their divorce "out of the media spotlight."

A letter was shown in court, which listed Heard's demands, including $125,000 to cover attorney's fees and the "exclusive use and possession" of a black Range Rover that Depp would continue to make payments for.

"We are indeed hopeful that we can swiftly work out mutually acceptable short and long-term solutions outside of the public eye," the letter concluded.

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