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Tom Holland's Adorable Tribute To Girlfriend Zendaya On All His Pants

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Tom Holland and Zendaya have a supportive and sweet relationship, evidenced by the kind ways the two lift each other up, on social media and in interviews. 

Fans have been willing the pair to be together ever since they first became friends working on Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2016. And ever since the two went public with their relationship in July 2021, it has been all love for the low-key couple on social media. And fans' latest observation is bringing on all the "awws."

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Tom Holland has the letter 'Z' embroidered on many of his pants — which fans think is a nod to Zendaya.

In what appears to be a handcrafted admission of his love for Zendaya, Holland wears her initial on all of his pants. 'Z' is often the nickname used by those close to the "Euphoria" actress so fans are wondering if this is how Holland keeps her close at all times.



The 26-year-old actor has been spotted with the embroidered letter on several occasions while running errands in his native London.

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Fans have even gone as far as to investigate whether the 'Z' is a logo or brand name but their searches have come up short.

Does that mean Holland and Zendaya are officially Hollywood's cutest couple? We vote yes.

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The couple have shared many adorable moments but keep their romance predominately out of the media. In fact, they were dating in secret before Page Six published paparazzi photographs of the couple kissing in a parked car in July 2021, officially confirming their relationship.

Since then, the two 26-year-old stars have done their best to retain their privacy while still giving fans what they want from time to time such as when Holland wished Zendaya a happy birthday in September 2021 with the caption, "My MJ, have the happiest of birthdays. Gimme a call when you're up.” Or the few times he's dropped heart-eyes emojis on her Instagram posts.

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Zendaya and Holland have even sparked engagement rumors — seemingly without evidence — as rumors have circulated that they are preparing to tie the knot. While we have no idea if that rumor is true, we can likely say that Holland is pretty dedicated to the relationship if he's willing to mutilate all of his pants just to show Z some love.

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