6 Times Kim Kardashian Was Targeted By Stalkers — They Sent Her Odd Gifts & Tried To Break Into Her Home

Kim Kardashian's life may be glamorous, but it's also incredibly dangerous.

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Once you get to a certain level of fame, stalkers come with the territory of being a celebrity and no star knows this story better than Kim Kardashian.

As one of the most famous women in the world, Kardashian has plenty of fans, but some of those admirers cross a line from time to time.

The mom-of-four has had some pretty scary situations which have forced her to take legal action in order to protect herself and her family.


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Here are 6 times Kim Kardashian was targeted by stalkers.

1. A stalker claimed he was communicating 'telepathically' with Kardashian.

Kardashian made headlines in December 2022 after being granted a restraining order against a man who claims she communicates with him "telepathically" after he showed up at her home numerous claiming to be armed.



Kardashian and Persaud have never met but in court filings, Kardashian said he has "attempted to access my residence on three separate occasions in August 2022.”


He also allegedly tried to gain access to the SKIMS founder's hotel room when she was on a trip to New York.

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2. A stalker tried to break into Kardashian's home in October 2022.

In October, a man named Deandre Williams was arrested after gaining access to Kardashian's Hidden Hills, California property just after 11:00 am.

Williams was able to access the premises despite its location within an exclusive gated community.

Kardashian's personal security spotted the man and ended up in a physical altercation with him before police arrived to arrest him.


Worse still, Williams had been spotted trying to gain access to Kardashian's property numerous times and was well known to her security staff.

He has since been charged with battery and trespassing.

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3. One of Kardashian's stalkers was threatening Pete Davidson.

This past May, Kardashian was once again in court due to a stalker's horrifying threats to both her and her then-boyfriend Pete Davidson—from a man against whom she already had a restraining order.

According to court documents filed by her attorney Shawn Holley, the man sent numerous letters in which he “made numerous violent threats," as well as "sexual comments."




He also threatened to take actions that "would cause Ms. Kardashian and her family to be imprisoned,” and issued threats against her children with rapper Kanye West, North, Psalm, Chicago and Saint West.

The most frightening letter involved a so-called "HIT LIST" the stalker was keeping. In that letter, he threatened:

"If I ever see you in New York or your boyfriend in Los Angeles I will carry it out that day. Pete Must and Will Die this weekend and you next weekend."


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4. A stalker sent Kardashian Plan-B.

Last October, a man named Nicholas Costanza was charged with felony stalking and trespassing after being arrested on the ground of Kardashian's home—despite her having a restraining order against him.

Kardashian had won the order against him months before after he wouldn't stop sending her things in the mail, including a diamond ring and, most disturbingly, packets of the Plan-B "morning after" contraceptive pill.


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5. A Russian-American boxer was caught watching Kardashian's home.

Kardashian had to obtain a restraining order against another terrifying man, Charles Zelenoff, in 2021 after he was repeatedly caught watching and filming her home.

Zelenoff is a Russian-American boxer who is famous among boxing fans, and has frequently used his social media and YouTube platforms to harass Kardashian.

Zelenoff, who claimed to be in love with Kardashian, also expressed "dangerous frustration" at being unable to get into her house.

6. Her attackers in the infamous Paris robbery stalked her too.

As horrifying as all of Kardashian's brushes with stalkers are, thankfully none of them have ever been able to actually physically harm her.


But Kardashian was not so lucky in 2016.

While in Paris for Fashion Week that year, thieves broke into Kardashian's hotel suite and bound and gagged her while they robbed her of some $10 million worth of jewelry.

Kardashian was held at gunpoint during the crime, and has spoken openly about the trauma of the incident and how she was certain she was going to die.


How did the robbers find her hotel room? By stalking her on Snapchat—for weeks.

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Kardashian's repeated victimization by stalkers is especially terrifying given how many have targeted her despite restraining orders.


If legal system doesn't work even for someone with Kim Kardashian's resources, it should make us all nervous.

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