Pete Davidson Dumped Kim Kardashian After Seeing A ‘Contrived’ Clip From Her Hulu Show, Claims Source

He reportedly thought their relationship was "forced."

Last updated on Nov 11, 2022

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Fans who have been keeping up with "The Kardashians" on Hulu have noticed someone has been missing from the family's reality show.

Viewers who were expecting to see Pete Davidson make his debut after he was featured in a teaser trailer for the show while still dating Kim Kardashian have so far been let down.

Davidson appears to have been cut from the show after splitting from Kim Kardashian in August, appearing only from the waist down in a recent episode.




However, this may be because Davidson never wanted to be featured in the show in the first place — in fact, it was allegedly part of the reason their relationship ended.

When news of the couple's split became public, there were rumors that Kardashian’s rejection of the comic’s marriage proposal drove them apart, reports that their age gap was too much to overcome, and claims from sources that a heartbroken Davidson is seeking trauma therapy post-breakup.


But, while all these claims spin a narrative that suggests Kardashian was the one who cut the cord on the relationship, a source is suggesting that it might have been the other way around.

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Pete Davidson was actually the one who dumped Kim Kardashian, according to a source.

Davidson reportedly called off his 9-month relationship with Kardashian after becoming frustrated with how the reality star was framing their relationship in her Hulu show, a source has claimed.

The revelation was shared on an August episode of Deux U, a podcast hosted by the woman behind DeuxMoi, a pseudonymous Instagram account that publishes celebrity gossip.


“The word is that Pete did the dumping and he’s actually been trying to end it for a little while now,” the insider said.

Reportedly, the “SNL” star never thought he and Kardashian would be a long-term couple and was “getting irritated” with how their relationship was being portrayed in the media.

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Davidson had reportedly tried to break up with Kardashian once before.

“He tried ending it a few weeks ago,” the source continues claiming that Kris Jenner encouraged Kardashian to go visit the actor, who is currently filming a project in Australia, to “keep up appearances for the show.”


When the teaser trailer for the show's second season dropped, fans suspected Kardashian and Davidson's relationship would be a central plotline. But this reportedly irked the comic.

“The final straw was his appearance in the season two trailer,” the source continued.

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“He was irritated that it makes their romance seem like a centerpiece in season two when, in fact, he was barely on camera because he refused.”


Davidson allegedly felt like their relationship was “forced and contrived” for the show.

Davidson is often the one who breaks up with his girlfriends, the source claims.

Known for his prolific high-profile relationships, Davidson is often seen being something of a hopeless romantic but the source claims the star is actually “ruthless” in relationships.

“He’s almost always the one who ends things,” the source alleged.

Davidson has been vocal about wanting to become a father so, perhaps, he is being picky when it comes to his partners!


Other sources, however, insist the split was “amicable” and not sudden.

“They each have busy schedules and the distance made it hard,” an insider explained to Hollywood Life.

“Kim travels a ton and it was hard for Pete to keep up, especially with his filming schedule.”

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