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6 Strict Rules The Kardashians Make Their Trainers Follow

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The Kardashians are famous for many things — their fashion lines, their exes, their superstar kids and their rock-hard bodies.

Working out is a lot of work, especially for the Kardashians, who live in the public eye. Of course, with their fame and wealth comes access to personal trainers, private gyms, and chefs who make their meals, all of which make getting (and staying) in shape that much easier. 

The Kardashians have a hectic, jet-setting lifestyle — but they never miss a workout, even when they’re on the go. The sisters hold their trainers to high standards to get the results they want.

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Here are 6 strict rules the Kardashians' personal trainers have to follow:

1. No canceling workouts and no late starts.

Kim takes her workouts seriously and doesn’t do well with delays. In a Snapchat video from 2017, Kim slammed her sisters for making her trainer late.

After Kourtney and Khloe pushed their workouts back by half an hour, Kim went crazy. “Kourtney and Khloe f-k you!” The star said. “This is so rude! I have been sitting in my garage, waiting for the trainer, for 30 minutes. I do have a life.” 

Kim’s trainer did show up eventually, and Kim channeled her frustration into an epic workout.

Kim’s trainer says she never cancels a session. She trains almost every day, even on days when her sisters derail her routine.

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2. Early morning workouts only.

According to Kim’s long-time trainer, Melissa Alcantara, the beauty and media mogul starts her fitness routine very early.

“Our days usually start at 6 a.m. She’s up and ready to go, even though it’s still dark out, which just shows she is not only serious about her health but her business, her family and her life,” says Alcantara.

Because her body is her business, it’s no surprise that Kim devotes her early-morning hours to get fit. 

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3. Trainers have to work around the sisters’ schedules.

The Kardashians are no strangers to the busy Hollywood lifestyle, but they don’t let that get in the way of their workouts. Even when they’re traveling, they fit in time to exercise. That means their trainers are on their schedule, no matter what.

Alcantara says that she and Kim “usually work out five days a week, for about one hour, give or take.”  She goes on to say that their typical workout is about “70 percent weights with about 30 percent cardio.”

According to Alcantara, “[Kim’s] schedule is crazy, and mine is also crazy.” 

Even with a crazy schedule, Kim finds time for fitness, no matter what else her day holds.

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4. Each sister has her own specially-tailored fitness routine.

It’s no secret that the Kardashian sisters are a tight-knit bunch, but that doesn’t mean they share workouts. 

In an exclusive with UsWeekly, Don “Donamatrix” Brooks revealed that each sister has her own fitness focus.

Kourtney mostly works out her midsection and abs, while Kim “loves the triceps [and] making sure her arms are small because she wears a lot of stuff where she’s showing her arms.” Brooks went on to say that Khloe “loves working on her butt, so we focus on that.”

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5. They have to listen to demands — even from Kanye.

The Kardashian's trainers don’t only have to obey the sisters, they have to take orders from others in the family, including Kanye. 

In a clip from "KUWTK," Kim told Khloe that Kanye reprimanded her trainer when the trainer didn’t fully support Kim’s fitness plans. After Kim outlined her goal to get down to 120 lbs, her trainer responded with doubts.



This led Kanye to tell the trainer: “If I tell you she needs to lose weight in between her toe, you better figure out a toe weight.” 

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6. They have to field family drama.

While the Kardashians take fitness seriously, they have (very) dramatic lives that often interfere with weight-lifting.

In a 2021 episode of "The Kardashians," fans got an inside look into what it's like to train the most famous family in the world when one of Kim’s workouts was interrupted by the news of Tristan Thompson’s most recent paternity scandal.

Footage showed Kim doing bicep curls while talking to her sisters about Tristan’s infidelity.

Kim is rightfully upset but offers support to Khloe even as she finishes her workout.

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