6 Times Kim Kardashian Copied Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande's Relationship

Imitation is the best form of flattery.

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At this point, we have all collectively gotten over our shock of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's relationship, which first happened in October 2021 after Kardashian hosted "SNL."

The two have been dating for nine months, and have even gone on vacation together, attended the 2022 Met Gala together, and Davidson has also made more than a few appearances on Kardashian's Instagram.

However, as their relationship continues, fans are starting to notice eerie similarities between Kardashian and Davidson's relationship and his previous one with Ariana Grande.




Here are 6 times Kim Kardashian copied Ariana Grande's relationship with Pete Davidson:

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1. Kim wore a similar outfit to Ariana Grande in a photoshoot with Pete.

In May 2022, Kardashian and Davidson were photographed walking around Los Angeles, though fans couldn't help but notice that Kardashian's outfit as well as the photo itself looked similar to one of Grande and Davidson.


In the image, Kardashian was wearing a black dress and thigh-high neon green boots, and in the resurfaced photo of Grande and Davidson, the singer is wearing almost the exact same outfit, though Grande's boots are yellow, not green.

Kardashian's hair was also down in the photo, the same hairstyle that Grande had been wearing in the 2018 image.


"This is actually the first thing I thought about when I saw Kim and Pete’s photo. It really reeks intentional at this point!" one fan wrote on Reddit.

2. Kim reportedly played Ariana Grande's music while kissing Pete.

According to Capital Xtra, in an Instagram story video, Kardashian posted of her and Davidson, fans could apparently hear Grande's music playing in the back.

In the short video, Davidson and Kardashian share a kiss as the song plays in the background, a move that fans think was meant to be shady.

The video was uploaded to TikTok, according to The Sun, where the caption of the video read: "Please, there is Ariana Grande music in the background."


"Lol, the fact Pete was engaged with the girl who sang the song that's playing in the background," a fan commented, while another added, "This seems wrong."



3. Kim quoted Ariana Grande's song "Pete Davidson" years ago.

In 2018, Kardashian posted a photo of herself as she got into her car, captioning it: "Universe must have my back," which is a lyric from Grande's 2018 song 'Pete Davidson' about her ex-fiancé.

After posting the photo, Grande commented with the next line of the song, "Fell from the sky into my lap."


Given that Kardashian is now dating Davidson, she might've played a part in manifesting her current relationship with the former "SNL" comedian.



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4. Kim used another Ariana Grande song lyric much recently as well.

In a photo, Kardashian posted in February 2022, fans noticed that she captioned the image with the title of Grande's song "Just Like Magic."


Given that, unlike the previous time, Kardashian had actually been dating Davidson at the time of her post, her comment section immediately flooded with remarks to the Grande reference, according to Page Six.

"Not the Ariana grande reference,” one fan wrote.


“Quoting [Ariana Grande] while dating her leftovers – cute,” commented another fan.

5. Pete dyed his hair blonde while with Ariana and Kim, respectively.

After Kardashian dyed her hair blonde for the 2022 Met Gala, it seemed Davidson followed closely behind her, dying his naturally brown hair platinum blonde to match his girlfriend.

However, it's not the first time Davidson has done that.


Back in 2018, Davidson revealed on his since-deleted Instagram account that he had dyed his hair platinum blonde to match his then-fiancée, Ariana Grande's blonde hair.

6. Pete started dating both Ariana and Kim after they each appeared on "SNL."

In an episode of "The Kardashians," the Skims founder shared the story of how she and Davidson started dating after she hosted "SNL" back in October 2021.


"So, this is how it went down with Pete," Kardashian said. "I did 'SNL,' and then when we kissed in the scene, it was just a vibe."

Grande and Davidson, who first met in 2016 after the singer hosted the comedy sketch show, didn't immediately get together afterward, since she was still dating late-rapper Mac Miller.

It wasn't until two years later that Grande and Davidson sparked romance rumors, but we can still say that the two first met on "SNL," sort of like Kardashian and Davidson. Coincidence? 


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