Fans Are Calling Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson A ‘PR Stunt’ To Distract From Astroworld Tragedy

Is it all a cover-up?

Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner, Pete Davidson, and Kim Kardashian Getty / Saturday Night Live (NBC)

Fans are forming their theories about how the Kardashian family are scrambling to rehabilitate their public image in the aftermath of their latest scandal.

On November 5th, 2021, Travis Scott hosted an Astroworld concert where 8 people died that night, 2 people died later from injuries sustained at the performance, and over 300 crowd goers were injured.

Scott and Kylie Jenner, his girlfriend who was also at the concert, have been getting a lot of hate and criticism since the concert happened, but more recently, everyone has been looking at and paying more attention to another Kardashian sister.


The outrage over Astroworld happened just as Kim Kardashian was seen hanging out with comedian Pete Davidson and people are wondering if the publicity around their rumored relationship is planned.

People believe that Kris Jenner is using Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson to distract from Travis Scott.

As the saying goes, “the devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder,” and many people believe that she — and everyone else in the Kardashian PR machine — is working overtime to cover up the Astroworld tragedy.

The theory is that Kim's budding romance is keeping fans occupied and keeping Kylie's image intact.


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Scott, who has received lawsuits that could cost him up to $2 billion dollars in damages, has been very silent and hasn’t been seen much since the tragedy.


At first, the media was having a field day smearing his name all over the place for his inaction and bizarre handling of the aftermath — implicating Kylie who has been dating the rapper on-and-off for years now and is currently pregnant with their second child.



However, in the fallout of the disatrous concert, the Kardashian family soon found themselves in the media for other reasons — Kim and Davidson’s relationship.

Kim and Pete's relationship has distracted from Astroworld.

Whether the couple intended to or not, they have dominated headlines that were once focused on Astroworld victims. 


While the couple were seen hanging out before the Houston concert and likely are the real deal, the media attention on their pairing increased significantly just as Kylie and Travis Scott were attempting to lay low.

On October 9, 2021, Kim hosted SNL for the first time ever and turned a lot of heads, not only for her impressive monologue and ability to make fun of herself but also for kissing cast member Davidson during one of the sketches.

Soon after the episode aired, rumors started spreading that they might be dating — people started seeing them sneaking around to see each other and keeping everything under wraps.

Astroworld happened, and then things started to get worse and worse for Kylie and Travis Scott, which is when Kim and Davidson stepped into the spotlight with rumors that they are officially dating.


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Almost immediately, all news of the Astroworld tragedy and aftermath disappeared and the media stopped covering it, people started seeing Kim and Davidson out and about on dates and such way more — causing people to get suspicious about the inner workings of the family’s PR team — particularly Kris.

The Kardashians are likely looking to promote their new Hulu show.

The announcement of Kylie’s pregnancy, Kourtney and Travis Barker’s engagement, and the rumors surrounding Kim and Davidson have all been making people hyped about the new show.

Kylie and Travis Scott being involved in the Astroworld tragedy is a massive blow to their public image and could do damage to the Kardashian brand ahead of the show's release.


So, to mitigate some of that damage, Kris might’ve had Kim and Davidson hint that they were officially in a relationship.

As a result, the media is eating it up and distracted from the aftermath of the concert, hopefully enough for Kris to continue generating buzz for the new Hulu TV show.

Of course, this is all speculation because Davidson and Kim have technically been seeing each other for over a month before the official announcement, but if there's one thing the Kardashian know how to do it's control their media narrative.


The Astroworld tragedy should not be forgotten, and Scott should still be held accountable while we can all gush over Kim and Davidson’s relationship.

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