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It’s Time We Acknowledge That Kanye West’s Recent Behavior Towards Kim Kardashian Is Emotional Abuse

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It’s about time we talk about what’s really going on between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and the abusive, manipulative, and dangerous behavior that is being displayed and applauded by men who are fans of the famous rapper.

While West's recent social media tirade has made many memes, headlines and has been a source of humor for fans — those who have been on the receiving end of narcissistic abuse know this is no laughing matter.

West's most recent mention of Kardashian on social media veered towards an apology — though didn't go all the way — and took "accountability" for "harassing" his ex, but make no mistake about it, this accountabilty does not undo weeks of public abuse and manipulation targeted toward the mother of his children.

Kanye West should not be applauded for the way he’s emotionally abusing Kim Kardashian.

His recent outbursts on Instagram, criticizing his ex and instigating a battle against her new boyfriend, Pete Davidson have been marveled at by many and are being regarded as a display of West’s mental health struggles — but it goes past that now.

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During those outbursts, West roasted Davidson, who he is now calling “Skete” and even suggested fans chant "Kimye" at him in public.

He implied that Davidson was getting in the way of his marriage — even though Kardashian filed for divorce a year ago — and there have been many comments in the posts about “eliminating” Davidson.

Kim Kardashian has been left fearing violence because of Kanye West's posts.

In another post, West shares a message allegedly sent by Kardashian in which she accuses him of "creating a dangerous and scary environment."

She's not wrong, who knows how far West's fans will take these instructions. 

But aside from what could happen to Davidson or Kardashian, the fear West has created for them is, in itself, a form of emotional abuse.

Let's not forget that Kardashian is already a victim of trauma after being robbed at gunpoint in 2016 and was allegedly in an abusive relationship with her first husband so West is knowingly adding to his wife's trauma.

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West only called off his social media war against Davidson once Kardashian finally reached out to him. This is a form of manipulation.

West has created an environment where Kardashian has basically been forced to speak to him just to ask him not to direct any more abuse her way — she is utterly at his mercy and no doubt being affected by this.

He continued posting his conversations with Kardashian, prompting her to ask why he can’t keep any of their conversations private, to which he gave an odd reply.

“Cause I got a text from my favorite person in the world,” he said. “I’m your number one fan. Why wouldn’t I tell everyone!!!!”

Whether West is love-bombing Kardashian or patronizing her is unclear but either way he has crafted a scenario in which he is entirely in control of how much of Kardashian's personal life is shared online and she is forced to bargain with him in order to get any kind of power.

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This is a cruel way to communicate with a person you claim to love. 

He is airing out personal conversations and repeatedly trying to humiliate Kardashian and those she cares about proving he has no regard for her safety, let alone her happiness. 

Regardless of what you think of Kim Kardashian, her experience of abuse must be acknowledged.

Since Kardashian is who she is — a sex symbol, influencer, billionaire — people will be less inclined to sympathize with her.

Perhaps they'll think this is for PR, or that Kardashian is deserving of West's actions in some way.

However, this shouldn’t be seen as anything less than abuse from Kanye that started from the moment Kardashian and Davidson got together.

West is deliberately seeking ways to control Kardashian now that she is achieving autonomy from him.

Fortunately for Kardashian, there are steps that can be taken — legally speaking — to combat this behavior.

Kim Kardashian has every right to take legal action against Kanye West.

Trial attorney Holly Davis of Kirker Davis LLP says that this behavior and environment being formed is harmful to West's legal case. 

"If he continues to engage the public in his personal and private disputes and conversations with Kim, and if she feels threatened or harmed by it, it can be handled in their divorce through a temporary order that prohibits Kanye from discussing the divorce, his kids, and his wife’s new boyfriend with the public," she said.

“My advice for Kim and Pete Davidson would be to stop communicating with Kanye and start pursuing legal next steps of limiting this type of behavior," said Davis. 

"And while Kim cannot stop her husband from not wanting the divorce, or from pursuing her publicly, she can stop the harassing behavior and threats towards her or the children."

Hopefully, as Donda 2 gets closer, West will calm down and things will start to return to a safer, more normal state where Davidson and Kardashian can be left to their own devices.

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