The Ridiculous Meaning Behind Kanye West’s New Nickname For Pete ‘Skete’ Davidson

Kanye West is not a fan of "Skete" Davidson.

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Kanye West has been very active on Instagram over the weekend and pulled no punches during his verbal assault on Pete Davidson and ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

If you had the pleasure of viewing West's many posts calling out "he who shall not be named," insulting Davidson's fashion and much more, you'll know that West has taken to referring to the comic as "Skete."

But what you might not know is what exactly that nickname means.


What does Kanye West’s nickname for Pete Davidson, “Skete,” mean?

Well, it could mean any number of things, Urban Dictionary has even gone as far as adding "Pete Davidson" to their list of meanings for the word Skete.

But the very first thing that comes to mind is the vulgar use of the term, “skeet,” which typically refers to male ejaculation.

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Skete may also refer to a trashy white man.

A second definition of the term suggests it is typically used to refer to a “trashy” white male, sometimes being referred to as a “hillbilly,” with the word “skeeter.”


Another popular fan suggestion is that "Skete" is a fun couple name for Kim and Pete — like Kimye — but something tells us that's not what West had in mind.

West has been vying for Kardashian ever since their divorce proceedings began, and she had been doing her best to be amicable but more recently, West has made it hard for her and their children to continue their co-parenting relationship by insulting her boyfriend.

All of the drama led to Davidson being involved since he is Kardashian’s current boyfriend, which led to him texting West to address the situation and try and dissolve any conflict.

In the text, Davidson said something along the lines of “…You as a man, I’d never get [in the] way of your children. It’s a promise. How you guys [go about] raising your kids is [your business] and not mine. I do [hope one day] I can meet them and we [can] all be friends.”


West didn’t have the best reaction to this and went on a tangent about the “King of Staten Island” star.

Kanye West won't be acting civil with Pete Davidson anytime soon.

West captioned the screenshot of the message from Davidson with a warning that the "SNL" star will never meet his four children that he shares with Kardashian.

Then, he quickly returned to dragging Davidson.

“Look at this d---head,” he said about Davidson in a picture where he’s walking with Kardashian, insulting his look, while saying he’s Hillary Clinton’s ex-boyfriend.

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He also brought up rapper Kid Cudi and informed fans that his long-time friend will not being on his upcoming album Donda 2 because he was friends with Davidson.


He brought back an old rumor that said Davidson sent Mac Miller intimate pictures of Ariana Grande to Miller while they were dating to ruin his hopes of getting back together with her.

He also said “Skete” was just playing his part in “Frozen 3,” and that every marriage has a “Skete” lurking in an alley waiting to ruin the marriage so couples should hold each other tight.


He brought up Machine Gun Kelly who recently did an advertisement with Davidson for Calvin Klein and said that Davidson would never meet his kids.

The combination of the two meanings of “skeet” is likely meant to be an insult to Davidson — calling him trashy while also adding a vulgar connotation to his name.


The Instagram posts have been taken down by West, but the effect remains as everyone is aware of West’s latest antics prior to the release of his upcoming album, Donda 2.

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