Maralee Nichols Alleges Tristan Thompson Has Done 'Nothing' To Financially Support Their Son

She claims he hasn't seen their son at all.

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Maralee Nichols, the mother of NBA player Tristan Thompson's third child, is speaking out about the nonexistent role Thompson has played in their son's life since he was born.

In a statement to Page Six, made on February 14, a spokesperson for Nichols, Harvey Englander, claimed that Thompson had "done nothing" to support the child.

“Despite news reports stating otherwise, Tristan Thompson has done nothing to support his son,” said Englander. "He has not made any attempt to meet their son nor has he provided any financial assistance."


Nichols had welcomed their baby boy back in December 2021, while the parents were engaged in a public and messy legal battle, after Thompson intitally denied that he had fathered a child with Nichols.

The 31-year-old model had filed lawsuits against Thompson for child support expenses and reimbursement of medical and pregnancy-related costs.

How much does Tristan Thompson pay in child support?

According to The Sun, Thompson is supposed to pay $120,000 a month in child support to the three mothers his children, which includes Nichols.

The 30-year-old NBA player is allegedly required to pay $40,000 each  to model Jordan Craig, Khloe Kardashian and Nichols.


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Craig and Thompson share a son, Prince, while he and Kardashian share their daughter True.

When it comes to the son that Thompson fathered with Craig, he must pay child support until their son turns 18, or until his son "graduates from high school or becomes self-supporting, emancipated or ordered by the court."

Thompson must also pay $2,000 for Prince's private tutor, and will also be responsible to pay for his son's education if he attends private school.

The tutor payments will be terminated if Craig and Thompson choose to send their son to a private school.


Tristan Thompson seems to share custody of two of his three children.

While it has been reported that Kardashian and Thompson don't have a formal custody agreement, the NBA star does appear to visit his daughter regularly.

The same can be said for Prince, who he occasionaly posts photos of on social media.

However, in court documents related to his paternity battle with Nichols, Thompson wrote that he "will not be seeking custody or visitation" of the child they share.

Tristan Thompson and Maralee Nichols were locked in a paternity battle.

The news of Thompson's lack of involvement in his son's life comes after he had confirmed that he'd slept with Nichols on his 30th birthday back in March 2021, according to court filings.


This was the same month that him and Kardashian had went public with their rekindled relationship.

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However, after denying that the child was his, Thompson took a paternity test, which led to him admitting that the son Nichols had given birth to was also his, issuing a statement to his Instagram in early January.

“Today, paternity test results reveal that I fathered a child with Maralee Nichols,” Thompson wrote. “I take full responsibility for my actions. Now that paternity has been established I look forward to amicably raising our son.”


Thompson went on to apologize to Kardashian for the constant "heartbreak and humiliation" that he'd caused her.

“Khloé, you don’t deserve this,” Thompson wrote on Instagram. “You don’t deserve the heartache and humiliation I have caused you. You don’t deserve the way I have treated you over the years.”

In the midst of the public revelation that Thompson had cheated on Kardashian once again, the 37-year-old reality star has continued to receive support from her family and friends, which also includes Pete Davidson.


For Valentine's Day this year, Davidson, who has been dating Kim Kardashian October 2021, sent her sister a bouquet of flowers to commemorate the holiday.

Khloe Kardashian shared a picture of the flowers, which consisted of some pink roses and calla lillies, writing, "The sweetest! Thank you Pete," followed by three pink heart emojis which she posted to her Instagram story.

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