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8 Questionable (And Expensive) Things Kim Kardashian Has Spent Her Billions On

Photo: Kim Kardashian Snapchat | Sky Cinema / Shutterstock | Instagram
Kim Kardashian Louis Vuitton trash cans diamond teeth

Being one of the wealthiest celebrities comes with its advantages. Spending money on luxurious items is probably an everyday activity for celebrities like Kim Kardashian — especially now that she's officially been declared a billionaire.

When it comes to spending money on herself and her family, Kardashian isn’t hesitant about going full out. However, some of the things Kardashian spends her billions on are quite bizarre.

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Here’s a list of some of the strangest things Kim Kardashian has spent her money on.

1. Diamond and opal grills for her teeth.

Just last year, Kardashian posted a picture of diamonds studded in her lower teeth on her Instagram. According to the Daily Mail, this wasn’t the first time she has bought something like this, either.

In fact, in 2019, she decorated her teeth with diamonds on two different occasions. The first time, she got diamonds on her lower teeth along with a cross, and the second time, she spelled out her name with diamonds. 

She got similar diamonds on her lower teeth in 2016 as well.

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2. Birthday parties on private islands.

Kardashian shocked everyone when she rented out an entire island for her 40th birthday. According to Insider, she flew out with some of her friends and family members for a five-day getaway.

She spent her time partying and doing fun activities with her close ones. She wound up spending around $2 million for the five-day trip.

She even received some criticism for planning this party as this social gathering was in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, she guaranteed that her guests and she had undergone multiple health screens and tests. 

And once again, this isn't the first time she's rented an entire island — in 2017 Kardashian rented an island off the coast of Florida in celebration of Kanye West's birthday, too.

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3. Gold-plated toilets.

Photo: Branko Devic / Shutterstock

In 2013, when Kardashian and Kanye West bought an estate, much of their interior was expensive. However, some of the most extravagant additions to the house were the toilets — as they were made of gold. 

According to Daily Mail, Kardashian and West installed four gold-plated toilets in their bathrooms. They ended up spending around $750,000 for the toilets alone.

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4. Horsehair, cashmere, and lambs' wool beds.

Photo: Kim Kardashian / Instagram

The expensive beds were another luxurious item in Kardashian and West’s mansion. According to Daily Mail, Kardashian bought six beds and spent around $1 million.

They are made from some expensive materials such as cashmere, lamb’s wool, and horsehair. The beds are quite luxurious as it takes a long time to make them and only 60 such beds exist. The beds were created in the honor of Queen Elizabeth.

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5. A Swarovski-encrusted refridgerator.

Photo: EQRoy / Shutterstock

Along with the gold toilets and horsehair beds, the Swarovski fridge is another item in Kardashian's home. According to Yahoo, the fridge was studded with crystals.

It was just a small, under-the-counter refridgerator used for beverages, but the luxurious Swarovski crystals weren't the only splurge in the kitchen — according to Yahoo, the couple also spent over $1 million in Electrolux appliances.

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6. Jackie Kennedy’s Cartier tank wristwatch.

Photo: Jacques Lowe, Dell Publishing / Wikimedia Commons

In 2017, Kardashian bought Jackie Kennedy’s gold 1962 Cartier wristwatch. According to InStyle, she bid on the watch and bought it for almost $400,000. She later wore it when she had her meeting at the White House with Donald Trump.

She told Vogue, “I wore it when I went to the White House. It gave me some power: Let’s get in there and get this done!” 

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7. Michael Jackson’s black velvet jacket.

Photo: Kim Kardashian / Instagram

When it comes to presents, Kardashian knows how to spend money. For Christmas, she bought Michael Jackson’s original black velvet jacket for North. In her Instagram story, she mentioned that North is a big fan of Jackson, which is why she bought it.

According to Page Six, Kardashian got Jackson’s jacket at an auction where she paid around $65,000. The jacket was altered to fit North and can be altered again as she grows up. 

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8. Louis Vuitton trash cans.

Photo: Kim Kardashian / Snapchat

So it's unclear if the pic Kardashian posted on her Snapchat is of Louis Vuitton trash cans she bought from the designer herself, but nonetheless, the post generated quite the buzz online. Many of her fans had mixed reactions to the monogrammed city-issued trash and recycle bins. 

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