Kanye West’s Recent Outbursts Have Convinced Conspiracy Theorists That He Is Under Mind Control

Is Kanye West's mental health one giant experiment?

Kanye West breakdowns YouTube / Twitter

An online conspiracy theorist has been forming some ideas about Kanye West following his recent public outbursts.

The rapper is currently a suspect in a battery investigation after allegedly assaulting a fan in LA. This, coupled with recent videos of him blasting his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, has fans concerned that the rapper is losing control of his mental well-being.

Footage from after the alleged assault has fans forming a bizarre theory that West is a victim of an Project MKUltra experiement.


Is Kanye West part of an MK-Ultra experiment?

A theory put forward by the YouTube channel "The Truth IS" speculates that West is the victim of an MKUltra experiment and has not been in control of his own mind for many years.

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During the Cold War — around the 50s and 60s — the CIA underwent a top-secret project in which they performed hundreds of experiments on humans regarding the effects of drugs like LSD and the potential for mind control, information gathering, and psychological torture.


This is a fact. MK-Ultra did exist. However, the program was officially halted in 1973, and outright banned in 1976 with President Gerald Ford’s executive order that prohibited “experimentation with drugs on human subjects, except with the informed consent, in writing and witnessed by a disinterested party, of each such human subject.”

This is a year before West was even born. MK-Ultra’s experiments, information, studies, had all been halted before West could even walk or talk.

But, some people believe that MK-Ultra has secretly continued. This has given way to a new theory that West's public battle with mental health is a sign that he is being controlled.

West is no stranger to talking about his mental health issues. He has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 2016 and struggled with his mental health since his mother’s passing in 2007.

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But, it seems like a bit of a stretch to link this diagnosis to the defunct experiment.

The creator of the "The Truth Is" video suggests that West's breakdowns are a sign that he has tried to resist MK-Ultra's mind control.

“Realizing the many public mental breakdowns Kanye has had in the past, it made me start wondering, is Kanye a victim of MK-Ultra?” asked the narrator for the video.

Kanye West appeared to lash out at a handler after allegedly assaulting a fan.

In footage taken after the incident, West appears visibly angry while a man lays injured on the ground. 

There appears to be a woman familiar to West who is trying to control him and calm him down, telling him, "I am your family."


It is not known who the woman is but "The Truth Is" suggests she is an MK-Ultra "handler."

Comments on the channel’s TikTok imply that West's rumored new girlfriend, Julia Fox, might also be his handler, but of course, none of this is substantiated.

Kanye West has spoken about mind-control in the past.

In 2018, the rapper shared a video giving his thoughts about mind control and the conspiracy theorists rejoiced.


“Yo, I just want to talk about mind control,” he opened his 9-minute-long video on Twitter. “You know, when people try to influence you through social media and try to tell you what to do, or if you post something that’s positive on Instagram and it gets taken down if it’s not part of a bigger agenda, that’s like mind control.”

He mentions mind control but talks about it in the form of societal pressure and perception. Social media and how people who are famous are perceived, nothing to do with drugs or the CIA.


However, "The Truth Is" suggests that West's habit of disappearing from public view for prolonged periods between these outbursts suggest that MK-Ultra takes the rapper away to experiment on him every time he resists control.

The video references a recent video from West in which he talks about taking control of his "narrative" this year and suggests this will generate some kind of retaliation from MK-Ultra.

Of course, given that we know West has battled with mental illness, it seems highly unlikely that these outburst are part of a wider human experiment.


Any connections between West and MK-Ultra are likely to be the ramblings of conspiracy theorists who wish to see something bigger is wrong with West other than him just having mental health issues that he needs to address.

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