Are Kim And Kayne Divorcing? New Rumors The Rapper And Reality Star Are Calling It Quits

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are kim and kayne divorcing?
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Is it the end of an era?

Even the most high-profile of celebrity relationships must come to an end. It’s especially painful to see a power couple go through rocky times but we may have reached the end of an era here. People call them Kimye, but most know them as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and according to multiple reports, the two are on their way to splitsville.

But are Kim and Kanye divorcing for real, or are the circulating rumors, well... rumors?

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The two have been friends for a long time but didn’t start dating until 2012, after his failed relationship with Amber Rose and her short-lived marriage to Kris Humphries. They married in 2014, and have three kids together: North, Saint, and Chicago.

Would they really want to call it quits after having such beautiful children and getting together after years of missed opportunities?

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According to a source close to the couple, “they barely talk to each other anymore.” And it’s no wonder, considering Kanye’s multiple outbursts and his controversial comments about slavery. But it may have all started with a returning trip to Paris, where Kim was held hostage two years ago.

They traveled to see a show for designer Virgil Abloh in June but another one of Kanye’s outbursts sent Kim over the edge. Kanye apparently made a scene, leaping from his from-row seat into the arms of Abloh. “Kim’s emotions were heightened... Kim didn’t know what to do. Kanye acting up just added to her anxiety," a source revealed.

On top of that, back in April and May, Kanye’s comments about slavery and his tweets about Donald Trump were an added stress for Kim. His tweets had fans concerned about his mental health, with some even saying he had a mental breakdown.

Kim defended him, saying that even though his ways of expressing himself are unorthodox, he’s still entitled to his opinions and that people shouldn’t automatically assume there’s something wrong with him.

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But defending Kanye may be putting Kim at the end of her rope, and she’s already told her family she’s considering leaving him. An insider said, “It’s over. She’s realized he’s not the man she fell in love with. She called him out on his selfishness and how he doesn’t ever think of the repercussions it could have for her brands. All he cares about is his music and clothing line.”

Marriage is about being there for one another, and if one partner is only concerned about themselves, it can have major consequences. But Kim is all too familiar with how complicated divorce can be, especially after her separation from ex-husband Kris Humphries in 2011.

The insider explains that she doesn’t want to go through another divorce, but that, “even when they’re together they barely say two words to each other. Kanye is fine living like that, but Kim can’t stand it. She wants passion in her life again. She wants a husband who worships her for who she is, not someone who uses her as a mannequin to sell his clothes.” It seems like she may not have a choice.

And following his outburst in the TMZ studios, Kanye suggested that his appearance may have fueled the fire for a split with Kim.

In a recent New York Times article, Kanye admitted that his marriage may be up in the air. “There was a moment where I felt like after TMZ, maybe a week after that, I felt like the energy levels were low, and I called different family members and was asking, you know, ‘Was Kim thinking about leaving me after TMZ?’ So that was a real conversation,” he said.

It seems that Kim doesn’t want to be trapped in a toxic marriage like the one she’s in now. “She sick of walking on eggshells,” a source says. But Kanye is also strong enough to be on his own. And it seems like she is too, because according to an insider, “Kim’s ready to start over — without Kanye by her side.”

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