You're Going To Find Your Person, So Stop Stressing

So until then, live your life.

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By Em Ann

If you’re anything like me, you know the dating game is challenging these days. I’m not sure what’s in the air with the guys I associate with, but it’s like all the good men on the planet disappeared, and now all we’re left with are these jerks.

So, it’s incredibly hard to find the right person.

Half the time they text you, they say, “wyd?” But do they send this at 4 p.m.? No. Instead, they send it at two in the morning. What do you think I’m doing? (Actually, no. Please don’t answer that.)


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And people wonder why I’m single.

It seems all boys want to get into your bed these days, leaving you on “read” right after that. Or they seem interested and then ghost you, just to show back out of nowhere months after you forgot about them.


It’s like a “pick your own adventure” book, and the endings aren't great. How about the ending where I meet a guy, we hit it off, fall in love, and live happily ever after? I want that ending to my story.

I’ve been single for a few years now. I feel like getting back into the dating world sometimes, but other times, I just can’t be bothered. Do I really want to get hurt again? I’ve had my heart shattered before, and I don’t want to go through that again.

After that, a thought went off in my brain: “Sure, you’ve dated some awful guys. Guys suck sometimes. But one day, you’ll end up with someone handsome, loving, and caring. You’ll be so happy and content with love that you won’t even think twice about the guy that broke your heart when you were 23.”

And I think that is so amazing.


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I think we’re all meant to find someone perfect for us, someone who compliments us and truly makes us feel loved and valued.

Sure, it’s hard when we see our friends dating people, and we’re third-wheeling with them. Or when we see all these romance movies that make us want to experience the love the characters on the screen feel.

It makes you wonder, “When will it be my turn?” I know I’ve thought that, too. But please, believe me when I say you’ll find that person someday.

You’ll meet someone who will worship the ground you walk on. They’ll love you for who you are and make you realize why nothing worked out until now.


So until then, live your life. Go to school, travel, or do something you never thought possible. Pick up a new hobby or fall back in love with an old one. But make sure to live.

Whatever you do, be yourself. Fall in love with the person you are, and then love will come to you.

It won’t happen overnight, and it might get frustrating at times. But it is so much better to be single and love who you are and who you’re becoming than to be in a relationship with a version of yourself that you hate.


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Em Ann is a writer and frequent contributor to Unwritten. Her work focuses on pop culture, lifestyle, and relationships.