The Weekly One-Card Tarot Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign From May 20 - 26, 2024

A poignant week is ahead for everyone.

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The world will be on your side when you choose yourself. That's this week's message, between May 20 - 26, 2024, for everyone. But before we look at the one-card tarot reading for each zodiac sign, here are the general messages of the week to note.

First of all, with Justice and The Devil coming out together, we are urged to remember that bad can often pretend to be good until it's ready to pull the rug out from under your feet, while good can often be villainized as bad by those people whose unsavory motives stand to be exposed by it. So, be mindful as you go about your days this week. Listen as well as speak. You will know the truth if you are listening to it.


The Fool and The Hierophant add another layer to this message by revealing the dichotomy between apparent knowledge and apparent foolhardiness. After all, Galileo was considered a fool, too, when he said the Earth revolved around the Sun. Just because the masses believed otherwise didn't change that reality—until the masses realized that truth, too.

If you feel called to, meditate while holding a chunk of Clear Quartz at least once this week. It will bring up deep insights from your soul while in a meditative state. Write down what you learn or you'll forget it! Now, let's look at the weekly tarot card reading for every zodiac sign.


Weekly One Card Tarot Reading for May 20 - 26, 2024

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Tarot card of the week: Five of Swords

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Other Aries

Aries, this week's energy for you is all about recognizing truths from lies, people who genuinely support you, and those who are trying to pull the wool before your eyes. You will be fine if you trust your intuition and don't ignore red flags. You are also encouraged to work with Blue Apatite to help you communicate better and listen between the lines. 5 of Swords can seem like a harsh tarot card, but it's also empowering when dealing with the unscrupulous.


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Tarot card of the week: Page of Cups

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Aquarius

Taurus, the energy this week for you is beautiful and gentle, as highlighted by your tarot card of the week – the Page of Cups. You are encouraged to take it easy and just go with the flow. Whether in love or other areas of life, an easygoing pace and openness to sweet new experiences will do you more good than you can realize. If you work with crystals, Amethyst is your best friend this week. It will bring you clarity and spiritual peace in the strangest of ways.


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Tarot card of the week: Three of Swords

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Other Gemini

Gemini, the energy this week for you is all about being patient with yourself, especially if you are wounded on the inside and are getting more triggered than usual of late. Your subconscious mind wishes to purge the poison from within so you can be infused with lightness and ease. Lean into activities that bring you catharsis (and that includes working with a therapist), and you will unlock your blessings. The color yellow will be lucky for you this week when conversing with others.


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Tarot card of the week: Two of Pentacles

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Sagittarius

Cancer, you are a beautiful soul with vast reserves of strength and kindness within you. If you focus on building the right foundations, whether in your love life, career, or elsewhere, you will reap beautiful results when it's time. Those of you planning to buy a home will do well in this arena too this week. The crystals Jasper and Aquamarine are highlighted for you to help you stay grounded and cognizant of your inner truth.

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Tarot card of the week: The Sun

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Capricorn

Leo, you cannot get a better card in the tarot deck than The Sun. You are, after all, ruled by it! So look forward to incredible experiences this week and a few good opportunities, too. You are in your power era right now. So lean into your talents, and don't let anyone diminish your self-worth or self-respect. Working with Sunstone, Lazurite, and Obsidian is also indicated for you to help you win your battles and know where to go and which paths to steer clear of.

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Tarot card of the week: The Sun


Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Cancer

Virgo, the energy this week is extremely good for you! You have The Sun tarot card on the table for you, and it's urging you to be true to yourself and your creative vision in all areas of life. Whether this is an interior designing project or something top-secret at work, you will be fine if you trust that inner voice. Don't self-sabotage! Those who work with crystals will do well this week with Clear Quartz. You can meditate while holding it to bring you clarity and deeper insights.

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Tarot card of the week: The Sun


Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Taurus

Libra, your life this week is deeply entwined with at least two or more people. As long as you recognize who's a positive force in your life and supportive of your long-term goals, you will be fine. So don't ignore the red flags! If you choose to remain entwined with the wrong people or toxic friends, it will only end with you getting hurt. Working with Clear Quartz is also indicated for you as a way to separate your needs from that of your loved ones and social acquaintances.

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Tarot card of the week: Four of Swords

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Aries


Scorpio, take it easy this week. You have the 4 of Swords here for you as a sign you need a break. If possible, plan a weekend getaway and go recharge yourself in quieter environs with sweeter people. Engaging with your significant other is also indicated here. As long as you remain placid and patient, things will continue to unfold in your favor. If you work with crystals, lean into the gifts of Aquamarine and Moonstone this week to help you understand yourself and your emotional currents better.

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Tarot card of the week: Four of Swords

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Virgo


Sagittarius, if you are feeling on the edge of a burnout, your tarot card of the week is a clear sign that you need a break. This is especially true if you have children at home and are perpetually exhausted because of household responsibilities. Try to bring in help wherever you can, or teach your children to support you (wherever they can) so they learn good values and principles. If you feel called to, doing daily breathwork will help you stay grounded and at peace.

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Tarot card of the week: Page of Cups

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Leo


Capricorn, the energy this week urges you to not get too stuck in your ways. New ideas and inspiration await you, especially in the most unexpected of places. Some of you will receive this blessing from individuals who are much younger than you, so don't discount what they say. The cosmos works in mysterious ways and often sends unexpected messengers. If you work with crystals, wear your birthstone as a ring to help you lean into your unique gifts.

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Tarot card of the week: The Empress

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Virgo

Aquarius, you are about to have a really fulfilling week with The Empress tarot card here for you. Just remember: being receptive will bring you everything you need. So have faith in the mysterious workings of the world and allow your wishes to manifest. But don't confuse receptivity with passivity! Sometimes, you will be nudged by your intuition to go in a certain direction. If you are receptive to those nudges, good things will unfold for you.


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Tarot card of the week: The Emperor

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Capricorn

Pisces, read the tarot messages for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs this week. It will give you the full picture of what you can expect. With The Emperor tarot card here for you, you are encouraged to recognize yourself as separate from the collective. This may be difficult for some of you, especially if you struggle with people-pleasing, but give it your best shot. Having a firm hold on who you are and what you believe and represent will allow you to go farther and faster than ever before.


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