20 Signs You're A Young Soul & Have A Beautiful Innocence About You

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People often attempt to categorize others based on how they perceive them. Others determine how to describe you based on your characteristics.

When someone is more mature than their years, emotionally intelligent, and smart, they might be described as an "old soul." On the other hand, your soul can be much younger than your age.

What is a young soul?

Unlike more mature souls, young souls lack the empathetic outlook, moral compass and intellect that develops naturally as souls age.

For those that believe in metempsychosis, a young soul is recognized as the third stage of incarnation, after an infant soul and a baby soul. Young souls range from 13-29 years of age.

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As a young soul, you possess a youthful curiosity, are beginning to assert yourself, and are learning about who you are and where you belong.

Most people are a young soul at some point in their lives, although the amount of time spent in that stage varies from person to person.

Young souls tend to be overly ambitious, super competitive, are innovative and self-centered. They are focused mainly on material gains, individual freedom, and their own self-expression.

Where an old soul may diplomatic, sensitive, and cooperative with others, a young soul is from the “who cares about your feelings?” generation. But there are many ways to tell if you are a person with a young soul.

20 Signs You’re A Young Soul

Below are the easy-to-recognize signs that you might be a young soul, otherwise known as a teenage soul or new soul, and need to grow up.

1. You love to compete.

Immature souls believe that there always has to be a winner and a loser. They scratch and claw to get ahead, no matter the cost to others.

2. You live in or near the city.

Young souls are career-focused and materialistic. It makes perfect sense that they would want to live near the big city where both the salaries and personalities are larger than life.

3. Your love has conditions.

People with a young soul see love as reciprocal. They love whoever loves them. Young souls have not yet developed the sense of selflessness required to really understand how to love.

4. Your definition of success is superficial.

While mature people recognize success and doing what they love, and making a living at it, young souls focus on power, fame and fortune. They are looking for an external reward instead of looking within.

5. You like to be in groups.

Young souls have trouble spending time alone. Instead, they love to surround themselves with friends and associates at all times. This is due to their inability to love their own company.

6. You place value on people.

Adult souls are proud of their life experiences, and look to learn the lessons and do better in the future. Young souls look to people with connections to get ahead instead of focusing inward.

7. You're focused to a fault.

If you are striving for an important goal, you are willing to forego all people and things that may distract you. Because you see success as recognition, you don’t mind sacrificing relationships to get where you want to go.

8. You don’t think things through.

As a young soul, you act without considering all of the options and opportunities first. This, of course, sometimes lands you in hot water and it exposes you to serious repercussions.

9. You must be stimulated.

Those who have a young soul could never be content with reading a book quietly at home. They need to be out in the world taking in all it has to offer. This can be downright exciting.

10. You love to collect expensive things.

Your closets are bursting at the seams with products you will likely never need. You must have the latest fashion trends and are willing to break the bank to do so.

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11. You seek to differentiate yourself from others.

Young souls are individualistic, preferring to be seen as someone special, independent from the average person. They see life as a contest and have to come out on top.

12. It’s your way or no way.

People who have young souls are stubborn and lack the negotiation and compromise skills needed to navigate life. They see it as “my way or the highway.”

13. You have your own perspective, and it can’t be changed.

Old souls tend to listen, take in all of the necessary information, and make an educated decision. Young souls, on the other hand, have their own agenda and perspective, and are closed-minded.

14. You're always right.

Because you are so strong in your stance on just about everything, young souls believe they are always right. This makes anyone with a different opinion inherently wrong.

15. You need visibility.

Because of the need to compete and win love, glory and adulation, young souls must be in places where there are a lot of people and a lot of chances to see and be seen.

16. You have strings attached.

You never do things out of the kindness of your heart. When you do something for someone, you fully expect them to return the favor. Anyone who doesn’t will see your wrath.

17. You're innovative.

When you do something, you do it big. Never to be outdone, you come up with unique ideas and inventions that make you the center of attention and cause others to celebrate your wins.

18. You throw caution to the wind.

Young souls are brave and rarely scared. That’s not necessarily a good thing. As we get older, we learn that there are situations that require caution. Young souls rush in head-first, willing to risk it all.

19. Your rivals have no idea they are enemies.

They say "keep your friends close and your enemies closer." This is easy for people with young souls since they consider everyone a rival. Immature souls don’t believe in "friendly" competition.

20. You change interests and partners like you change clothes.

Young souls have no intention of staying in one place long. They change jobs, friends, mates, and interests on a whim as soon as the next big thing shows up.

How do you know if your soul is young or old?

If you have reviewed the signs of a young soul and find that most of them are traits that describe you, then your soul is young! There are tests you can take to confirm it as well.

Remember that all of us were young souls once, so having some of the characteristics does not make you a lost cause. Recognize your faults and work to help your soul toward maturing.

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