5 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Lives Drastically Improve The Week Of April 29 – May 5

Wrap yourself in the comfort of soft love.

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The week of April 29 to May 5, 2024 ushers in Venus in Taurus, a profoundly soft love energy that can help each zodiac sign receive what genuinely feels good to your heart. Venus in Taurus helps you focus on the best parts of love and connection by creating a nurturing, pleasurable, and stable space in your relationship that reminds you the best love doesn't leave you in tears.

While Venus moves into Taurus and introduces the soft love era, Mars shifts into Aries. Mars in Aries is a profoundly different energy, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t overlap — especially in 2024, while the North Node and Chiron are also within this fire sign. The energy of Aries can help you heal yourself and your relationship so that you can embrace a softer, more peaceful love. By embracing the determination to heal this week while receiving the love that has always been destined for you — five specific zodiac signs will revel in their soft love era most, knowing in their heart this is how it was always supposed to be.


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5 zodiac signs whose relationships improve the week of April 29 – May 5, 2024:

1. Scorpio

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Scorpio, it is time to release the idea that a fantastic love is always challenging. Let yourself see that the relationship you crave can be found within a soft love. A love without any lies or misconceptions where you can meet one another as your best selves. The love that you attract and will keep will only ever be a reflection of not just what you deserve, but the level of your healing. 


On Monday, April 29, Venus, the planet of love, shifts into Taurus, turning its attention on your romantic life and encouraging you to receive and step into your soft love era. Allow yourself to feel the excitement of healthy conversations and the awareness that there isn’t actually anything to be anxious about. This sweet energy is encouraged by Mars shifting into Aries on Tuesday, April 30, which will help promote healthy boundaries, prioritizing yourself, and a greater sense of mental peace. Your relationship shouldn’t bring stress to your life, and as you realize that you will finally receive the love you’ve always dreamed of.

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2. Capricorn

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While you can consciously plan how you want a certain relationship to progress, Capricorn, sometimes there are connections that are so natural that suddenly you find yourself wanting the very thing you never anticipated. As an earth sign, you tend to require more committed, secure relationships in order to feel like your best self — but with the heartbreak that life can bring, there are moments when you try to avoid hurt or pain in an effort to protect yourself. But you never need to protect yourself from the love that is destined for you.

On Monday, April 29, Venus will move into Taurus and bring up matters of commitment, marriage, and joy. This tranist helps you realize that in order to receive the soft love you desire, you must stop limiting how it shows up in your life. If you thought you’d never get married, for the first time or again, you may realize that somehow you are feeling different about that level of commitment. As Mars shifts into Aries on Tuesday, April 30, it will bring a stronger focus on your home and family life, signifying that your romantic connection is about to get a great deal more committed. There is still space for growth, but if this is truly a healthy, loving relationship, you will be able to achieve even more that you originally thought.

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3. Virgo

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There is excitement and newness around you right now as you begin to explore new opportunities with your partner and create a more profound connection. As much as you can get sidetracked by the practical matters of love, it’s just as necessary to leave enough room for the magic of romance to take place as well. Once you get that stable foundation you will learn that just because a relationship is healthy doesn’t mean it can’t also be exciting and deep.

On Monday, April 29, Venus will shift into Taurus, creating the space for new opportunities and travel with your romantic partner. If you’re single, this energy also speaks to meeting someone new while being away on holiday, which may lead to a long-distance love affair. The purpose of this energy, though, is to take you to new heights and experiences to help create more abundance in your life — and in your existing relationships. As Mars moves into Aries on Tuesday, April 30, you will find a deeper connection with your partner — or a new love interest, than you thought previously possible. Be willing and open to new adventures, experiences, or outcomes in your life so that you can experience the incredible feeling of knowing you aren’t just in your soft love era — but your magical one as well.

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4. Libra

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Healing is a necessary journey to be able to attract and cultivate the love you genuinely want, Libra. This isn’t just about learning from your past romantic experiences, but also being able to identify how your childhood and early adult years have played a part in who you’ve become. There are no coincidences in life, but instead, everything connects to what you’ve been through until, of course, you choose to bring your awareness to it. You can then heal what deters you from receiving soft and easy love.

On Tuesday, April 30, Mars will enter Aries and will join the North Node and Chiron as part of an epic year of transformation. The North Node governs over your fate, while Chiron helps you focus on your healing. In this part of your life, it is all about your romantic decisions and the relationship that you genuinely dream of. At the same time, though, Venus in Taurus helps to promote positive changes toward greater ease and connection, creating a keen sense of motivation to face your inner healing so that you can truly improve your romantic life to be one that in your heart knows is your destiny. Take time to explore themes or cycles within your life, including your romantic history, and then try to focus your decisions on how to create more space for soft love. A love where you are seen for who you truly are and where you won’t have to beg for the love you know you deserve.

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5. Sagittarius

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Commitment doesn’t restrict you, Sagittarius, but instead sets you free. Themes around marriage and commitment have been on your mind a great deal throughout 2024 so far — and for good reason. The North Node ruler of your fate and Chiron, which represents healing, have all been in Aries, the zodiac sign that governs these themes for you. Yet, there is still more to process and learn about yourself, which is precisely what will allow you to come into your knowing what commitment really means to you and what you need from it in your romantic life the week of April 29 to May 5.

On Tuesday, April 30, Mars will shift into Aries, joining the North Node and Chiron. It will help you begin to take action on the healing that you’ve been moving through when it comes to considering marriage or any major romantic commitment. Mars helps you to take all you’ve recently learned and put it into practice, improving existing relationships and allowing you to move toward a new commitment as well. During this immensely beneficial energy, Venus will shift into Taurus on Monday, April 29, benefiting you by taking a healthier approach to love and relationships. In many ways, Venus in Taurus will help you start to embody some of the healing that Chiron in Aries has brought up, while Mars then allows you to start to do things differently. It’s important to understand that you are the key to improving your romantic relationship right now. When you are finally ready to approach matters in a more healthy and soft manner, your partner will, too.

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