What Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Know About The Month Of April 2024, According To A Tarot Card Reader

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April 2024 Monthly Tarot Card Reading For Each Zodiac Sign

Welcome to April of 2024 and the Monthly Past-Present-Future Tarot Card reading for each sign of the zodiac. We made it! Not only is it Spring, but this is also a good time to start thinking about what makes life good.

We can't help but feel optimistic during this month, as it seems to be the forerunner of Summer. By this time, we all feel as though we're in the groove and that whatever we're doing 'this year' has pretty much established what that is and whether or not we're happy with the choices that have led us here.

As you'll notice, many Higher Arcana cards are being called into play this month, which means that we are going to be involved with other people for work, in love, with family, and on adventures. People make up the month of April, and for some, that's great news and implies a social life, while for others, it may feel like something to avoid.

So, let's shuffle the deck and draw three cards for each zodiac sign. No one is left out, and all are spoken for. Let's see into the future and prepare for the present while incorporating the lessons of the past into our well-rounded experience of life during April 2024.

What each zodiac sign needs to know about April 2024, according to a tarot card reader:


(March 21 - April 19)

Past: Knight of Swords

This card shows you that you missed the point and are now paying for it. This isn't a negative thing. However, it reminds you that you can't act on impulse if you're going to make big decisions, Aries. The past shows that you rushed into something, and you might end up spending most of April trying to undo that action.

Present: Five of Wands

That mistake you made in the past? Well, as mentioned, that's what makes up so much of April for you. You'll be going over a few work-related issues that, if you don't tackle now, will never go away. What's good here is that you're the boss, and you can handle what's on your plate. April will be devoted to work, organization, and handling other co-workers.

Future: Temperance

Well, you kicked it, Aries. You will put so much effort into what you do in both business and family that you'll literally rise above all your problems and end up knowing exactly the right thing to do. Your timing is impeccable, and the future looks like something you want to explore. That's what you'll be creating throughout April of 2024.

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(April 20 - May 20)

Past: Queen of Pentacles

This is where you go over how much money you 'once' had and wonder if you can stir the universe up again to see if you can generate that kind of financial success. You've seen that you could create something from nothing in the past. Youhe past. You should probably use those 'tricks' to do the same in the present.

Present: Seven of Cups

April really unfolds for you in the ways of love and abundance, as this card is as good as it gets regarding both choice and wise choice. You will receive great news in April 2024, which could potentially change your life. Stay positive and enjoy how being positive can change the way you perceive just about everything.

Future: The Moon

Your nightlife is set up, as there's something that awaits you—a huge opportunity—and it only takes place at night. This is fine for you, as you happen to be a nightbird. The idea of working at night or being a part of something in the near future that has you up or out all night actually seems like a lot of fun to you—and it will be.

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(May 21 - June 20)

Past: King of Pentacles

Oh, the past looks pretty good from this standpoint, and you might refer to the 'good old days' more than once during April of 2024. This is where you must look at and deeply analyze what you did 'right' so that you can continue with this kind of success. You know you've got it in you, Gemini. It's all about stamina and a clear mind at this point.

Present: The Sun

April definitely brings the sunshine, even when it rains, as you will see in your world of family and friends. You will be very busy this month, holding parties, perhaps doing creative things with friends, and being happy to be alive simply. This card is no slouch when it comes to happiness, and to receive it as your 'present' is definitely a 'gift' indeed.

Future: The Magician, reversed

Your present attitude is what makes magic in the future. Being happy is something you have to hold on to. While the world is all about ebb and flow, you can take what you've learned and make something amazing out of it in the future. What you build now will last as a permanent foundation in the near future.

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(June 21 - July 22)

Past: Seven of Pentacles

Dedication to work pays off, as it not only brings in a good living but also shows you that you can excel in your line of work. Practice makes perfect, and the past shows that you are able to stick to it and make the best of persistence and dedication to the job at hand.

Present: Two of Swords, reversed

Your past efforts will lead you to have to make a big decision during April, as all the hard work you've done has made you quite the object of interest. You may find that the handful offers you new work opportunities. Choose wisely, and stick to that which feels best. If you get the hint that this is shady, then avoid it at all costs.

Future: Knight of Cups

All works out well for you, as it appears that you've not only chosen wisely but are also the best at what you do. The future has you delivering what you do best and looking good at it, too! You may even find that where you go, love will follow, as this card is most definitely a message of love in the form of a person.

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(July 23 - August 22)

Past: Ten of Wands, reversed

Whatever led you to where you are now began in the past. As you look back, you may realize that you were overworked, underpaid, and just plain not a good fit for what you were doing. You felt as though you were paying attention to all the wrong things and doing all the wrong work.

Present: The Devil

You will find that during April 2024, you're all about defiance and rebellion. You have absolutely taken advice from your past. What you've learned is that there is no way you're going to take 'commands' from someone (a boss, perhaps) that you find to be inept or even cruel. This is the month you break out of that prison and begin to find out who you really are.

Future: King of Wands

Your efforts pay off hugely, Leo, as the future seems to mesh with your past experiences and all the wisdom you could have accrued by this point. You are a living example of reinvention, and this card suggests that the future is filled with contentment and wisdom. You did it. You got yourself out of that rut, and now you can feel good about who you are and what you're made of.

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(August 23 - September 22)

Past: Five of Cups, reversed

You will always be interested in the past, as so much of your life began in the past. April may remind you of people you once knew, and much of the month is spent on old memories and nostalgia. These are happy memories, however, and they do not drag you down.

Present: King of Swords, reversed

At present, you'll be making some very firm decisions that affect not only your own life but also the lives of others. While you don't want to be too strict, you know that you're the only person around who can make the absolutely necessary change. As you proceed, you may find that your decisions are not as popular as you'd like them to be.

Future: Three of Swords, reversed

In the name of love, you may have to sacrifice something else. While that may bring about sadness, you will know that you're doing the right thing. The past has taught you to be strong and that there will always be conflict, especially when it comes to people and their personalities. But still, you forge on, and you will be OK for all of it, Virgo.

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(September 23 - October 22)

Past: Ten of Cups

Ah, the good old days, indeed. Your past has you feeling as though you've seen some amazing days when your happiness used to soar through the roof. You feel blessed that you lived the life you once did, and you know that you can always relate to this blissful experience. There's nothing but goodness in this.

Present: Queen of Wands

Coming from the family you come from is what has made you the powerful and wise person you are now. You'll find that most of April 2024 goes to looking out for people. You are the person in a few people's lives whom they turn to for advice. You are also someone's true love, and you know it. Love is very much a part of what April brings you.

Future: Queen of Swords, reversed

You may have seen it coming, but rougher days are ahead, mainly because you feel you've had it good for so long that there must be some universal balancing act taking place. The future shows you as a stricter figure, someone who was built on love but still has enough fire in them to not back out of rough situations. The future shows you as strong, determined, and harder than before.

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(October 23 - November 21)

Past: King of Cups, reversed

Back then, you felt heartbroken over something, and while you kept up the appearance of being happy and jovial, you took on that presence of 'tears of a clown.' You were the happy-go-lucky joker, the person who didn't let anyone know you were crying inside. You have learned from this experience.

Present: Nine of Wands, reversed

What the present holds for you in April 2024 is all about you standing up for yourself and embracing the past with the resignation that you will work hard to be true to yourself and own up to those tears. During this month, you are vigilant and on the path of truth and justice. You will not be worn down, no matter what. Strength and honor, Scorpio!

Future: Ten of Swords

This is where you give up a bad habit. You do it for good, and it doesn't come quickly, either. While this card usually implies some dark hardships, in your case, the future looks like you are letting go of something important to you but harmful. You are no longer going to submit to that which hurts you. You've risen above, and you will create for yourself a better future built on health and well-being.

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(November 22 - December 21)

Past: Three of Wands, reversed

This card has you mulling over a few past mistakes, knowing that all you've ever done is part of what makes up the sum of you now. You feel as though the past holds the answers as to why you act a certain way today and what you need to work on to get past it so that you can create a much happier and heartier existence for yourself.

Present: Judgment, reversed

This is where you learn that the right decision-making does not always satisfy your hunger for success, and this teaches you to back off and pace yourself. The judgment you make here this month is the one you've made for yourself as you realize that you are not the superhero you made yourself out to be but merely a talented and capable human being.

Future: Three of Cups

The biggest lesson for you during April is all about pacing. You need a more balanced life, and the future has you planning your schedule so that you can do some of the stuff you used to be involved with yet didn't make the time for. Expect to reconnect with friends and family again as April progresses. 

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(December 22 - January 19)

Past: Knight of Wands

You were always the one who brought the good news to the people you were surrounded by, and this may actually have been part of your work. You seem to come from a communications-oriented background, and this card shows that you miss the days when you were the one who got to do all the hard work for the sake of others.

Present: Two of Wands, reversed

April, have you been wondering if you did the right thing or made the correct decision regarding where you live? This month could potentially have you changing locations or at least considering it. You may have finally come to admit that you are tired of where you live and that it might be time for a major location change.

Future: The Hermit, reversed

This card implies that what you really wanted all along was a little freedom and a lot of time to yourself. You've been craving the idea of living alone or perhaps just taking a vacation on your own, and it seems that this will end during April or at some point in the near future. This is a good card in this way as it grants you peace and solitude. 

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(January 20 - February 18)

Past: Two of Pentacles, reversed

Wherever you are in life right now is a direct result of a decision you made in the recent past. You want to touch base about how you felt when you decided on the thing that brought you success, but you are confused about whether or not you still believe what you once believed in. The past holds confusion, and yet, you were able to rise above it eventually.

Present: Five of Swords

This month provides a comprehensive look at what makes you happy and what really gets on your nerves. It seems that for you, Aquarius, what bugs you during April 2024 is that you're still not doing what you want to do creatively. You want to catch on to the energy, and yet, you're still finding it hard to imagine an actual 'start' date.

Future: Five of Pentacles, reversed

You are always concerned about money, and this becomes somewhat of an obsession with you in the future. What's off about this is that you are flush. You do not need to worry about finances in the future, yet you continue to dwell on them out of habit, so much so that they rob you of your stability. Let it go, Aquarius. You have nothing to worry about at all.

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(February 19 - March 20)

Past: The Lovers, reversed

The past is all about you and the person who once existed in your life. While that person may still exist, things aren't the same as they once were, and you miss it. You may find that so much of April is made up of romantic memories. You may even feel melancholic about the old days and how much 'better' they were than they are today.

Present: The Emperor

The present shows you that during April of '24, you'll be firmly planted and secure in your decisions and stature. Yes, the past may have built you, but the present is where you live right now, and you are fine with all of it. While you may not seem 'happy' to others, you don't feel as though you owe a fake smile to anyone. You are content, and that is all that matters.

Future: Death, reversed

Here's where you turn it all around, as this card basically implies new beginnings from scratch. There is no 'death' involved, so fear not. What there is, however, is a future that shows you can make it. You can do whatever you want as you are absolutely dedicated to working on making yourself happy. You've learned from the past, but you are no longer tied to it. It is no longer your source of joy and reflection. All you have now is the moment. The future brings happy change, Pisces.

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