6 Magically Easy Ways To Attract Anything You Want In Life

Create the life you deserve.

Last updated on Dec 05, 2023

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Attracting abundance. Frankly, I can’t think of a topic that is more universally taught, discussed, wished for, written about, or meditated on, except maybe love, and you can always sneak that into your prayers for abundance, too, to find happiness in life!

Anytime is the perfect time to take a deeper look at how to attract abundance into your life.

If you're ready to take the plunge and start taking action toward creating a more abundant life, look no further than this list.


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Here are 6 magically easy things you can do to attract anything you want in life:

1. Use affirmations regularly.

One of the most classic, all-purpose mantras is: "I welcome and manifest abundance in all areas of my life." Then, depending on what’s up for you that moment/day/week, you can declare specifically where you most want to direct your intentions and energy.

For me, it might be an abundance of fun and open communication with my amazing husband of 35+ years, mutual respect and love with my two equally fabulous 30-something sons and their partners, money flowing into our bank accounts to pay off all debts, take great vacations, and save for retirement. You get the picture.


Think of affirmations as reminding your subconscious mind what your conscious mind is actively working on so your intentions are being supported on all levels.

When it comes to attracting abundance, you want to be firing on all cylinders!



2. Write abundance checks.

This is a fun one to do solo or with a group. It’s a practice that’s been around since ancient times.


Within 24 hours after a new moon (the next one is June 13th), take a check out of your checkbook. It’s helpful to highlight this entry in your checkbook register so you have a reminder this is a check from the Universe. Do not write "Void" in the register space instead, write "gift," "universal abundance," "all the money I need," or anything of the like.

Now, where it says "pay to", write your name. Then in the little box on the same line where you would fill in a dollar amount, write "Paid in full". On the line underneath your name where you would write out the dollar amount, write "Paid in full", and sign the check with "The Law of Abundance".

Please don’t write a specific dollar amount in the check or put a date on it. Put it in a safe place and forget about it — the Universe will take it from there. And if you want to up the ante, try doing it every month — it's just another way to keep your psyche wide open to the ongoing flow of abundance.

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3. Make prosperity pouches.

You’ll need to gather some materials beforehand:

A small piece of green or gold material (no bigger than 6"x 6") and some gold elastic thread. Green and gold are both classic money colors.

A Susan B Anthony or Sacajawea dollar coin from the bank.

An assortment of herbs and essential oils associated with prosperity — patchouli, ginger, vetiver, cinnamon, and nutmeg are just a few.

A small magnet or magnetic sand attracts all forms of abundance into your life.

Assemble all the items on your gold/green swatch as you visualize prosperity flowing around you, perhaps writing your specific wishes on a little piece of "rich"-colored paper to include in your pouch. You can even play some great "money music" as you create your pouch.


Pull up the corners, wrap, and tie the gold thread around it to secure everything. As you knot thread, affirm specific actions you’ll take to bring about your prosperous vision.

"Tying the knot" has long been symbolic of committing to something and not necessarily a marriage!

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4. Chant for riches.

You can recite this poem (or create a tune for it) as you put together your prosperity pouch, or else use it as a separate prayer:

Piles of silver, piles of gold

Flow into my life as you have been told.

Riches come now to make my life whole

Abundant in health, heart, mind, and soul.


5. Seek affluence through meditation.

There are countless ways to visualize abundance flowing into your life, but meditation makes the process a truly embodied one.

Sit quietly and breathe slowly to reach a calm, open state. Picture a globe of shimmering gold resting in the core of your being. Imagine your heart opening gently like a lotus flower and allow the golden globe to float into your waiting hands.

Cradling the globe, expand your hands and arms outward so that the globe grows bigger and bigger…so much so that eventually you can step inside it.


Feel yourself surrounded by the sparkling golden glow and allow your being to be infused with this energy. You have become radiant abundance through and through!

When you’re ready, you can step out of the globe, "shrink" it, and place it back into your heart, where it will reside until you need another dose. Once you get used to it, this visualization takes just a few minutes and is something you can do daily.

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6. Intentionally eat for abundance.

One of the key components of creating a powerful sacred space is to activate all the senses. That's all of them except for taste — always a fun addition to any magical work you’re doing.

Tons of drinks, foods, and herbs have been associated with attracting abundance. Pineapple, rice, almonds, and blackberries are traditional prosperity foods, while wine, milk, cider, and beer were offered to the gods in ancient times to petition for riches.

If you place any of this food or drink in your sacred space at the beginning of your abundance work, it will be thoroughly imbued with all the energy and make it more powerful when you have your closing feast.


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Deborah Roth is a Life and Career Transition Coach and Interfaith Minister who founded Spirited Living™ to help guide spirited women and men through life’s big changes with joy and ease.